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Windows Solution

Okay, here's what I need.

I have four environments.  A headquarters, a tech center, and two other remote locations.  I'd say there are between 50-100 people in both HQ and the Tech Center each.  There are probably 5-10 people in each remote location.

I want to implement AD and Exchange, in order to use MS CRM (because the licences has already been paid for).  

Just for backdrop, but we've been primarily a Novell shop.  We do have an NT 4 domain that we are going to migrate from (I understand the migration process from NT4 to 2003 AD, I've done it many time).

One of the things I've been put in charge of though, is the purchasing of equipment.  What I need is solutions for three scenerios (and I'm offering 500 points, so I don't feel bad about asking for three :) )

1.  Budget for ideal situation.  

2.  Budget allowing for almost all, but some cost cutting must take place.  (In other words, what from above would be the first to cut if budget is an issue.

3.  Budget for cheap management.  Basically, bare minimum to meet the requirements for what we want to install.

To give you an idea, I'm thinking this is what management will pay for:

- 2 DC, one at the Tech Center and one at HQ.  Remote sites will log into HQ (we have a pretty good WAN)

- 2 Exchange Servers, with the HQ handling SMTP and passing to the Tech Center Site.

- 1 very large server with CRM and SQL installed.  We are not doing huge data management at first on the CRM.

It would also be nice if one of you experts would maybe through out what servers to use.  I can already tell you we are going to go with HP, due to some deal with have with them.  Thanks in advance for all your help!
2 Solutions
1) a DC (GC) and a MSX server in each location. one SQL server at HQ and one in TechCenter, replicating each other.
2) a DC in HQ and one in TechCenter, a MSX server for HQ and one for TechCenter, one SQL in HQ or TechCenter.
3) one DC at HQ or TechCenter for all locations, one MSX in the same location as the DC, one SQL server at HQ or TechCenter

about hardware:
it will be not importend, with manufacturer. DC and MSX should be a Xenon 1GHz or faster. The SQL Servers should be the same or something faster.
keep in mind, that MSX needs a well connected and fast GC to query.
but i can't tell you wich HP server, as i am working mostly on Fujitsu Siemens Computers.
probably hp proliant 360 for DCs
maybe proliant 360 or 380 for SQL and Exchange

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