1500 Spam emails a day. Please help. Need a work around.

I have a customer that has a regular email.  I call it tammy@sbcglobal.net.  She uses the web based browser to read her email.  Her sbcglobal email works fine.

Now Tammy has a business tammy@herbusiness.com and she can add her POP email to her sbcglobal.net account so she can read all her email on one page.

She is getting about 800 emails daily.  Mostly spam and junk from her business email.   Since she uses Sbcglobal to read her email, they only allow her to keep 200 email addresses on her DO NOT Allow list.  

What can we do?  We’ve gone to her business email/hosting company and setup her account(s) with Reply challenges on all email.  She is still getting it.  They also have spam filters, she is still getting hit.  

Is there a robust email system similar to Outlook that I can add a bunch of anti-spam stuff so she doesn’t get this garbage?

Should she change her email name?   Any advice would be great.  This happens everyday.

Pulling my hair out!  

Thanks in advance.

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I've found that trying to deal with SPAM on the end-user/local client level is like trying to clean out the Aegean Stables with a whisk broom.

You need to stop it at the mailserver level. If SBC or whatever her ISP is won't provide the level of blockage she wants/needs, then perhaps its time to find a provider that will.
She can use an email program (using POP or IMAP) to check emails??? If yes, thunderbird has a very good spam control system... i use it and i like it a lot...

Check it at
Why do you say 'similar to Outlook'?  Outlook 2003 has an excellent spam filter.  I used to receive 2-300 spams a day.  I upgraded from Outlook 2002 to 2003 and now have to manually delete about 10 a day.  The other 90-190 get filtered automatically by Outlook.

Obviously she can use Outlook to download any POP or IMAP email, and even filter it into different folders to keep the 'sbcglobal' email away from her 'herbusiness.com' ones.

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The issue here is, should she keep accepting the email and using the client to clear it ( only hides the problem, doesn't solve it) or does she make sure her ISP are providing a vigorous Anti-Spam service.

I'd go to the ISP and ask them to increase the level of protection and if they can't then look for another ISP to host her domain that has high scores for its anti-spam measures.

Once the mail is refused by the SMTP servers the spammer servers will eventually get the message.
PsiCop is right you are wasting your time trying to fight the fire at the user level. its nice to have spam filtering there as a second level of protection but spam has to be filtered at the gateway where the mail is coming in. i would setup a hardware spam appliance as my smtp gateway and have it filter all the incoming email. when the mail arrives at the client machine it can be scanned again by the local scanning program (usually the mail is already legitimate by then).
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