Best method to verify diverse backup tapes

My company has 38 locations that each has its own LAN and database. Each location sends me a backup tape each month for DR purposes (and occasionally so that we can copy the database to our server for research). I have now been asked to check each tape that comes in to verify that the database file can be recovered from the tape. I think I am dealing with the following:
Hardware - DAT and Travan
Media - DDS2,3,4 and Travan 20/40gb
Software - Windows backup, BackupExec, and Tapeware

I am just starting trying to verify the first group of tapes. It seems I can usually read the dat tapes, but I am really having a problem with Travan. I can inventory the drive and get the tape header info, but every tape I try to catalog, I get either an i/o or inconsistent media error. I have tried 3 different Travan drives with the same results.

What is my best option? Is there a way to tell what software made the tape? SHould I give up and just replace all travan drives with DAT?
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You should be able to see what program was used for backup by entering computer management, selecting Storage, Removable, and then selecting the tape you want to identify. If you open that media and then the tab "side" you should see the type of backup prog used in identification label.

Personaly I don't think travan is the best hardware to beckup servers with. This produkt is used more for workstations. You probably also get more backup utilities which come with travan like colorado backup program etc. These programs could also have beed used to backup the servers, although the program isn't made for that.

I would certainly opt to replace all the different systems with one.

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The best way, and I mean - really the best way - to verify the data is being backed up is by restoring it to another location. Reading the content of a tape will not even imply the true condition of that tape. You can eather use a 'Verify data integrity' after a backup procedure takes place. Than, see if the Travan is doing a good job...

This is my opinion...

Another possibility is that the travan media has a problem.

In my experience DAT is more reliable than Travan.
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