Adding customised javascript on Submit button before postback?

Hi there,

Created a webform ( c#)

<form id=Form1 method=post runat="server">

with the following submit button

<asp:Button id=searchButton runat="server" Text="Search"></asp:Button>

Basically when you click the searchButton (submit) button then it does a postback, everything is working but what I want to do is run some javascript prior to doing the postback.

The javascript (clientside) will check some values of textboxes etc and if they are valid then the POSTBACK will continue otherwise I will display to the user "Sorry please check the form" and postback is cancelled.

Wow! I don't even know where to start on this, can anybody help?

I have written the javascript clientside code, it is in a function called "CheckThisNow"

Any ideas of where to start on this? Appreciated any input anyone has, or any documents you can point me in the direction of.

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Hi ianinspain,

Sub Page_Load
    searchButton.Attributes.Add("onclick", " return CheckThisNow();")
End Sub

this will add the client event to the button and if the CheckThisNow return false, the submit will not be proceeded


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ianinspainAuthor Commented:
Hi mmarinov,

Cool! as simple as that... going to give it a try..

I presume i just use this to add to a submit button, all my javascript functions still need to be embedded within the HTML between tags as normal?

yes, you have to put your javascript code in the HTML

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