Trigger mode

When inside a trigger is there any way to determine what mode the trigger is using (insert, update, or delete)?

I know that if you have access to the inserted table it must be either an insert or an update.

Likewise, if you have access to the deleted table it must be either a delete or an update.

But is there a method to determine exactly what operation the trigger is performing?
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Yes, have a look at my web-site I demonstrate some code to do this, and give the template. --> Look under Links -> Articles, Trigger examples.
The Trigger Code gives examples of both single/multi row updates within the trigger for firing off various dependancys as rqd.
danblake - can't find an article called "Trigger examples".

sifuhall - you answered your own question. This (or similar) is the only way:

DECLARE @inserts int, @deletes int, @mode char(6)

SELECT @inserts = count(*) from inserted
SELECT @deletes = count(*) from deleted

IF @inserts > 0 AND @deletes > 0
   SET @mode = 'UPDATE'
IF @inserts > 0 AND @deletes = 0
   SET @mode = 'INSERT'
IF @inserts = 0 AND @deletes > 0
   SET @mode = 'DELETE'

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The exact title is Article: DDL_Trigger_Migration_Updates

this gives the example within Appendix B, as follows:
if (exists (select top 1 *  from inserted ) and
exists (select top 1 *  from deleted )  )
            GOTO UPD /*Goto the update section of the trigger*/
if exists (select top 1 *  from inserted )  
            GOTO INS /*Goto the insert section of the trigger*/
if exists (select top 1 *  from deleted )  
            GOTO DEL /*Goto the delete section of the trigger*/

/*Delete section of trigger*/
/*Insert section of trigger*/
/*Update section of trigger*/
Yes - we have basically the same solution packaged up in a different way.
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