hp 4600 etb motor

is the etb motor inside the transfer kit? if not can someone give me a part number for the etb motor.  thanks again erik
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I have the service manual at work. I will look tomorrow and see if there is separate number for the etb motor.
the etb motor is not inside the transfer kit.

These are all the parts for the 4600

Exchange Part/Assembly:  
Duplex Formatter Assembly C9661-69001
Simplex Formatter Assembly C9660-69001
Fusing ass`y 100v exchange C9660-69002
Fusing ass`y 220v exchange C9660-69003
ETB Asm. Exchange C9660-69004
HP Jetdirect Card J6057-69001

Non-Exchange Part/Assembly:  
I/O Daughter Card C9144-60001
Firmware Dimm C9156-67901
Hard Disk Drive J6054-61013
HP Jetdirect Card J6057-69001
4MB Flash DIMM C9665-67951
64 MB Memory Dimm C7848-67901
128 MB Memory Dimm C7850-67901
256 MB Memory DIMM C9653-67901
Black Print Cartridge C9720-67901
Black Print Cart(Europe)C9720-67902
Magenta Print Cartridge C9723-67901
Magenta Print Cart(Europe)C9723-67902
Yellow Print Cartridge C9722-67901
Yellow Print Cart(Europe)C9722-67902
Cyan Print Cartridge C9721-67901
Cyan Print Cart(Europe) C9721-67902
English overlay C9660-40002
French overlay C9660-40003
Oblique roller RB1-2155-000CN
Left cap, ETB RB2-8121-000CN
Pressure gear RB2-8122-000CN
Right cap, ETB RB2-8124-000CN
Pressure arm RB2-8151-000CN
Arm link (left) RB2-8207-000CN
Arm link (right) RB2-8212-000CN
Spring rod RB2-8213-000CN
Drive interlock plate RB2-8225-000CN
Change plate RB2-8239-000CN
Scanner support spring RB2-8246-000CN
Test print arm RB2-8250-000CN
Drive Ground plate RB2-8255-000CN
Paper pick-up roller RB2-8302-000CN
Size arm RB2-8349-000CN
Sensor flag RB2-8498-000CN
Cable guide RB2-8532-000CN
Left Cover RB2-8590-000CN
Right cover RB2-8591-000CN
Rear cover RB2-8592-000CN
Lever cart pressure  RF5-3725-000CN
Paper pick-up plate ass`y RF5-3749-000CN
MP tray pick-up roller ass`y RG5-3718-000CN
Antenna PCB ass`y RG5-5469-000CN
Laser/scanner assembly RG5-6380-000CN
DC controller PCB ass`y RG5-6391-000CN
Sensor PCB ass`y RG5-6392-000CN
Toner sensor PCB ass`y RG5-6393-000CN
LED PCB assembly(m and c) RG5-6394-000CN
High-voltage power PCB ass`y RG5-6395-000CN
Memory PCB assembly RG5-6396-000CN
Fusing power PCB ass`y (100-127V) RG5-6399-000CN
Fusing power PCB ass`y (220-240V) RG5-6400-000CN
Low-volt. power ass`y (100-127V) RG5-6410-000CN
Low-volt. power ass`y (220-240V) RG5-6411-000CN
Left plate cable RG5-6413-000CN
Relay cable RG5-6414-000CN
DC cable RG5-6415-000CN
Main drive cable RG5-6416-000CN
ETB cable RG5-6417-000CN
Antenna cable RG5-6418-000CN
Paper feed cable RG5-6419-000CN
Memory cable RG5-6420-000CN
Upper crossmember cable RG5-6421-000CN
Interface cable RG5-6422-000CN
Sensor cable RG5-6423-000CN
Fixing drawer cable RG5-6425-000CN
AC cable RG5-6427-000CN
Cassette size cable RG5-6431-000CN
Operation panel ass`y (100-127V) RG5-6432-000CN
Operation panel ass`y (220-240V) RG5-6433-000CN
HVT terminal assembly RG5-6449-000CN
Cartridge inlet assembly RG5-6450-000CN
Registration detection ass`y RG5-6454-000CN
Reg. sensor ass`y RG5-6455-000CN
Cassette frame left ass`y RG5-6459-000CN
Cassette frame right ass`y RG5-6460-000CN
Top cover assembly RG5-6464-000CN
Front top cover assembly RG5-6465-000CN
Front lower cover assembly RG5-6466-000CN
Multi-purpose tray assembly RG5-6467-000CN
Paper pick-up ass`y RG5-6468-000CN
Paper pick-up drive ass`y RG5-6469-000CN
Seperation Pad asm RG5-6471-000CN
Drum Ground Asm. short  RG5-6474-000CN
Drum Ground Asm. long  RG5-6475-000CN
Multi purpose cassette RG5-6476-000CN
ETB assembly RG5-6484-000CN
Contact Pin Asm. RG5-6492-000CN
Fusing ass`y (100-127V) RG5-6493-000CN
Drum drive ass`y (m and c) RG5-6504-000CN
Drum drive ass`y (k) RG5-6505-000CN
Drum drive ass`y (y) RG5-6506-000CN
Develop disengage drive ass`y RG5-6507-000CN
Developing drive ass`y(m and c) RG5-6508-000CN
Developing drive ass`y(k and y) RG5-6509-000CN
Fusing drive ass`y RG5-6512-000CN
Fusing ass`y (220-240V) RG5-6517-000CN
Hinge assembly, top cover RG5-6786-000CN
Flat cable RH2-5471-000CN
Front fan RH7-1490-000CN
Center fan RH7-1491-000CN
DC24V motor RH7-1493-000CN
DC24V motor RH7-1494-000CN
DC24V drum motor RH7-1495-000CN
DC24V solenoid RH7-5319-000CN
Tension spring RS6-2510-000CN
Tension spring RS6-2511-000CN
Tension spring RS6-2537-000CN
66T cam/gear RS7-0135-000CN
29T gear RS7-0136-000CN
200T gear (M and C) RS7-0137-000CN
200T gear (K and Y) RS7-0138-000CN
17T gear RS7-0139-000CN
30T gear RS7-0176-000CN
16T/128T gear RS7-0179-000CN
Fuse 120V,6.3A VD7-0216-301CN
Fuse 220V,4A VD7-0644-00CN
Fuse 120V?,15A VD7-1731-502CN
Fuse 220V,?A VD7-1838-001CN
Switch WC2-5399-000CN
Micro switch, front door WC4-5169-000CN
Photo-interrupter, TLP1241 WG8-5362-000CN
Screw, M3x8 XA9-1276-000CN
Screw,M3x6 XA9-1275-000CN
Fusing ass`y 100v  C9660-67902
Fusing ass`y 220v  C9660-67903
ETB Asm.  C9660-67904
Simplex formatter C9660-67901
Duplex formatter C9661-67901
Opt 500 Sheet feeder/tray Asm C9664-67901
Opt 500 Sheet tray RG1-4140-000CN
PCA Asm RG1-4139-000CN
Pick up roller RF5-3739-000CN
Paper Feed Drive Asm. RG1-4138-000CN

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Isnt this what you want, ETB assembly RG5-6484-000CN it is in the list also the ETB Cable. IF I were you I Would hope it is the cable or is there a different error message for it being specifically the cable?
Motor, ETB,M6,DC,24 volt,Brushless - RH7-1495-000CN
Cable,ETB - RG5-6417-000CN
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