List Box to run multiple queries

My question is a bit confusing, but I will try to explain. I have a list box (called "LstAvailQry" and muli-select is enabled to SIMPLE). The list displays several rows of data showing my available queries.  For example:
Query      Description
Query1    Show all employees Name and Address
Query2   [Show number of referrals by shift]
Query3    Show number of declined referrals by shift
Query4   [Show list of referrals closed by employee]

I want the user to be able to select multiple rows of data and click on a run button. The run button will then run all queries selected.  For example, if I select Queries 2 & 4, the application will run these two queries for me to view.

As I saw some samples in previous question and I believe they use the loop function, but I am not sure how to do that in my case.

Could you kindly provide some code that will run these queries?

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Private Sub cmdRun_Click()

    Dim varItem

    For Each varItem In lstAvailQry.ItemsSelected
        Docmd.OpenQuery lstAvailQry.ItemDate(varItem)
    Next varItem

End Sub

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epicazoAuthor Commented:
I get an error, method or data member not found... lstAvailQry.ItemDate(varItem)
epicazoAuthor Commented:
it was just a typo on itemdata().

     Docmd.OpenQuery lstAvailQry.ItemData(varItem)

 I corrected it -- thank you so much.
In case that doesn't work:

For Each qry In Me.LstAvailQry.ItemsSelected
DoCmd.OpenQuery qry
My fingers often confuse "date" and "data"... good job!
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