LaserJet 8000 series printer fuser - ghosting

I have a number of LaserJet 5Si/8000/8100/8150s here in the company I work for.

Now, a problem that seems to spring up quite often (more often than it should, in my opinion) is that the middle of the upper fuser roller gets what seems to be layer upon layer of toner torched onto it.  The stuff is unbearable to try to scrape off, and requires about a 6-hour cool down period before I can try to scrape the stuff off, but that knocks a printer out of commission for the better part of a whole work day.  And the things are bloody expensive - upwards from $300 a pop.  So I only like to replace them when they're absolutely burned out.

My question is, if anyone else has a similar problem, what do you use to clean the roller?  I've tried dry towels and scraping with my fingernails, damp towels, and even isopropyl.  But nothing seems to loosen this stuff up!  Is there a special cleaning fluid for printer parts like this that are good for taking off baked-on toner from an upper fuser roller?
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The toner should normally come off by itself by printing blank pages. That is the safest way to clean the fuser. Scraping it off is definitely NOT a good idea, and probably has damaged the fuser, causing the problem to come back.

I don't like using any chemicals on the fuser, but if it is really bad you can try using isopropyl alcohol.

Are you using genuine toners or 3rd party? What kind of paper are you using?
Time to change the fuser. I get the same problem. Once you clean it the problem comes back much sooner.
How many prints are on the fuser? HP specifies changing after 350K. I usually get a lot more than that but once they get toner stuck they are done for. I changed 3 of them this week. They will also make duplex jam problems.

If you want you can get the rollers and rebuild them yourself. I don't have an actual source for the roller but I think they come from Canon.
ShaundingerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments, guys.  

The toners are almost always third party hear, much to my chagrin.  

Printing the blank pages doesn't seem to do much, aside from wasting paper.  The toner stays on the fuser roller, like it's physically baked on there.  

Neither of the fusers in question have nearly 350,000 prints on them.  That's why I'm starting to wonder about this.  I'm really thinking that the cheap toners probably has something to do with it...

Replacing just the rollers... I didn't know this could be done!  Perhaps I'll try it next time around.  

I'll tinker with it and let you guys know if I can figure anything else.
There are a lot of 3rd party suppliers for laserjet parts, Katun are a big US one, and their stuff is usually pretty good.
The only gauranteed cleaner that will remove baked on toner is offset litho blanket cleaner, but it is NOT pleasant stuff to use.
The problem with 3rd party toners is that they seldom melt at the right temperature.
The saving on toner is probably less than you are spending on the fuser

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ShaundingerAuthor Commented:
All good help, guys - sorry about not returning to this earlier.

I'm going to replace the ones in question and keep the others around instead of return them for the core charge right away.  I'll try some litho cleaner as wylie suggested, as well as a fuser rebuilt as suggested by joe, and see if one of them isn't more cost-effective as replacing the whole assembly in the long term.  Thanks.
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