Convert 3com dual link into ocr 812 router

i have a 3com duallink converted to 812 router, and he don´t work,
with the console cable, i receive this messages:

Serial Port Initialized                      
Initializing Timer...                    
Verifying Board Type...                      
Initializing LEDs...                    

3Com HomeConnect ADSL Modem Dual Link                                    
-- Version V1.0.0                

Executing Application Loader                            
-- Version X0.0.4                


Loading Application File...                          
File Name:   mu010000.exe                        
File Size:   1019165 bytes                          

Copying Text Section...                      
100% Complete            

Copying Data Section...                      
100% Complete            

Clearing BSS Section...                      

Starting "mu010000.exe"...

TCP/IP networking software is Copyright 1988-1995,
       Epilogue Corporation, Albuquerque NM, All rights reserved.
VJ TCP Header Compression software is Copyright (c) 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993,
       Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.

3Com HomeConnect ADSL Modem Dual Link, V1.1.3
    3Com Corporation, Santa Clara, California
The software contained in this product is
    Copyright 1997-99, 3Com Corporation, Santa Clara, California
    All rights reserved.

Starting up the 3Com HomeConnect ADSL Modem system Executive...
RoboExec couldn't read the count and root from the index file
Filename = PilgrimStrings.ind, error = ES_SUCCESS (0)
There is no string file defined for the RoboExec processes!
There is no string file defined for the RoboExec processes!
Event generated with no strings in the string file.
String Facility requested = 4346475f (CFG_)
String Number requested = 1d (****)


he stop and i can´t send commands by console...
web interface don´t work,

i have tried to send firmare using a software recommended by 3com (dl 115 mr)

all messages during tranference indicated all ok, but when router restart, i receive one message tell

"ERROR->No Free Sectors in FlashWrite"

anyone can help me?????

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Your flash memory is full,
via serial cable, press control + b when router starts and send firmware again

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ps: press control + b when apear "Maintenance?"

clcsuporteAuthor Commented:
ok.. gonna try
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