mac w/exchange....i'm tearing my hair out

This is my situation.

I've got SBS 2003 w/Exchange 2003SP1. We have been running it for a few months with all PC users w/outlook 2003 and that has been working very well. We now have a mac in the family (powerbook g4 w/OS X). I've never even touched a mac before so I'm learning as I go here.

 My problem is the user is having problem with the email. I got it running with the supplied Mail program and that seemed to be running ok. The problem started when I copied all his old messages into the account. It now runs really REALLY slow, also sometimes when he gets an email the headers are their but no body. So I decided to get something else running. I tried Entourage but in that process I read all the posts on here and it didn't seem too positive. So I downloaded Mac Outlook 2001 but it can't connect to the exchange server so I'm wondering where I should go next. Is the supplied Mail problem the best option? I do have the virtual pc that would let him run normail outlook but he doesn't want to have to go through that if he doesn't have to. Or what could be wrong with mac outlook 2001.

Any help somebody could throw my way would be great.

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hypewebAuthor Commented:
I should also add that I can get to it no problem through the browser.
Peter LoobuyckCommented:
Well to me Mail seems to be working fine. Problem can be that the mailserver needs to be entered by IP to connect to Exchange server. besides that all seems fine to me. But do make sure you got the most recent OS installed (10.3.5 or 10.3.6 - check by clicking Apple/ About this mac)

and do you get any error messages when connecting, or do you just get atime out??
hypewebAuthor Commented:
I check and the machine is running 10.3.6 and their are no updates.

I agree, but what about the issue that Mail sometimes doesn't show text in the body of the message? I don't get an error message, once I had a port 25 error but I think that was a fluke.

Have you tried Entourage 2004?  I have not tried it with Exchange, but it seems as though there is a good deal of support.
The issue is not mail, but the method that and Entourage both use to gain access to the Exchange Data Store.  The methodology is inherently slow, and it gets slower as the number of messages in a folder increase.

It is feasable to use IMAP but I personally fall back to configuring the Exchange server to support POP3 clients for the Mac or Unix users in the enterprise, with SMTP available only to users on the internal network segment.  

The root of the problem is that Exchange is still built upon MAPI and that is not a portable protocol, so it has never been fully implemented by any of the OS X clients, including Microsoft's own.  Microsoft really doesn't feel any urgency to implement it since they are pushing towards IMAP & LDAP  with future versions of Exchange.

Hope this helps,


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