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My apologies if this is not the right topic to ask this question in, but I have a Windows 2000 Server running IIS and SQL Server 2000 with Coldfusion 6.1.

Most of the sites I create simply use a query of a table in the database to authenticate and authorize users.  The not so simple part of that is that I then need to write every page to include a security check.

As a best practice, what is your opinion of the most efficient, yet secure, way to build a site?

I would prefer to just set a folder's permission somehow and let the server check for the proper credentials each time someone accesses a page than for me to have to check for authentication and authorization on every page.

Using Active Directory integration isn't an option for us.  I must use the sql server usernames and passwords for all authentication/authorization.

Thanks in advance,
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If you cannot use Windows Integrated Login  - which it sounds like you can't - then you need to proceed with a spearately maintained login system.  You can't use a folder's permission settings if you are not using integrated login.

One thing you could do is - if you know the IPs - then you can restrict the files/folders to those IP ranges.  This deals with authorization, but if you need authentication as well then you still have to write your own system.

I know that isn't much help, but it sounds like you are already doing it the way you need to for your situation.

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prairieitsAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the feedback.  Everything I write is for internal use only, so restricting by IP won't work.  The people who I need to defend against are employees who don't have access to applications (in part or at all).  Right now, I run the query, make a cookie if they are listed as an administrative user, make another cookie with their login's unique system id and then use those 2 items to both authenticate (are you logged in?) the user and authorize (do you have permission to see this portion of an application?)

I am putting that code on every page, so when I make an update, it is very slow because all pages need updating.  What I would like to see is something like a package called Authentix (see it at  The only problem is that it can handle initial authentication, but it doesn't handle authorization.

I will keep this open for a little while to see if anyone else brainstorms about something that may be useful.

I write session variables and everything is written in Fusebox.

After authentication,  a session variable is written to define authorization to each application.  The application is in its own folder and the index page has a simple if statement for authorization to that specific application.  If authorization fails, display the "no access, contact tech. dept." page.  
Hi prairieits,
just check that out... :D

I don't know if you are awary of it, but instead including the code on every page you can put it in the Application.cfm file...
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