how to delegate an ou to a local group and get the mmc to work

Good Day,

I would like to delegate full control permissions on a OU to a local group of users. More specifically I would like this group to have access to the mmc users and computers snap in from their XP desktop and make changes to the container and all other containers below it. This is what i do:

1-click runn and type mmc
2- choose Active Directory users and computers
3- Highlight the container and right click it and choose delegate
4- click on ad and choose the local group
5- click next and enable some tasks
6- click next and finish.
7- then i right click the ou and choose properties and then security and click add the local group and give the latter full control.
8-click ok
9-then i click show hide console tree/favourites
10-Then i click view
11- Customize
12-uncheck all the options and click ok
13-then i save the mmc on the desktop of the server.
14-I ask a user who is the member of the group in question to connect to the server and copy the mmc snapin i just created.
15-the user in question double click the icon and he gets a message stating that "Snapin failed to initialize" .

How can i get the snapin to work on users desktops?


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You need to install the AD Users and Computers snap in to the user's computer...the mmc you created doesn't work because he doesn't have the AD U and C snap in.

You can install the snap in from the 2003 server admin pack off the cd to the XP workstation.

Tacobell2000Author Commented:
ok...went to the user's computer and installed the adminpak.msi. Then chose users and computers and the user gets the window that the snapin failed. The same message as before.
This may be your problem.

IF YOU HAVE THE BETA 3 Version of Adminpak.msi installed, you MUST uninstall the beta 3 version before you install the RC1 version of adminpak.msi.  Build to build upgrades are not supported, if you have not uninstalled you will not get correct operation of some tools and you will not be supported.

Even after uninstalling the beta 3 version, the RAS User Extension snapin tool does not remove some registry entries on uninstall so you will see an error message when loading the AD Users and Computers tool until you manually remove them from the registry.  When the beta 3 version of adminpak has been uninstalled and the RC1 version installed you will still see the following error message:  

"Snapin failed to initialize.

 Name: RAS Dialin - User node Extension

 CLSID: B52C1E50-1DD2-11D1-BC43-00C0FC31FD3 " 

To correct this, you can manually remove the RAS User Extension registry keys, or cut and paste the following into a batch file (or .cmd file) called AP-fix.cmd and run the AP-fix file to automatically remove the registry keys.  This will prevent the AD Users and Computers snapin tool from trying to locate the RAS User Extension tool - the RAS Extenstion tool is no longer shipping the in the adminpak.msi file.  See KB artcile Q304718 for complete information.  



-----------  copy the lines below up to the "end copy" message  --------------

@echo off


rem  RAS user snapin extension - regkey cleanup, Beta 3 to RC1 upgrades only


rem  use Reg.exe on Windows XP to delete the old key created by the Beta 3 RAS user extension snapin



echo.  ready to remove the RAS User extension registry keys?



@echo on

reg delete HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\RasDialin.UserAdminExt    /f

reg delete HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\RasDialin.UserAdminExt.1  /f

reg delete HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MMC\NodeTypes\{19195a5b-6da0-11d0-afd3-00c04fd930c9}\Extensions\NameSpace /f

@echo off



rem  finished - the AD User and Computers snapin tool will no longer look for the RAS User extension tool


--------------- end copy ----------------------

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Deb :))


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Tacobell2000Author Commented:
Yiou are right on the money. Thank you very much!
Glad to help :))
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