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hi ,

I'm new to the operating system UNIX and  have just started studying it in college. I have been programming in C and C++ for about 3 years using Turbo C++ under windows. I would like to MASTER C under UNIX and master the operating system UNIX too.  I am running Win XP professional

My system specifications are

433 Mhz celeron
128 Mb Ram
40 Gb hard disk Primary
4 Gb Secondary

PCQ linux 2004 on a 2GB partition on the secondary hard disk .

The thing is that in college we telnet into a Unix machine and use some CUI based UNIX ..

I wanted to know , what is the best way to learn UNIX and where to download and install it from .
Will PCQ Linux serve the purpose of programming in C under UNIX ?? Can i program the same way i do in college on a LINUX terminal ?? ????  Will a C program support graphics in LINUX like TURBO C++ does ... functions like outtextxy etc. is it possible to do such graphics in linux ???

Lastly , i would like to know how to start learning prgramming in C under UNIX , and how to Master it  and thouroughly understanding the operating system too ..

please keep in mind im NEW to the OS ..

Thanks a ton ...

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The best way is to read the UNIX bible - Stevens book Advanced programing in the UNIX environment - it is the best book for the UNIX.

Second, Linux is pretty much like UNIX with some diffs, i dont think that the GUI will work on UNIX as it worked on Linux.

I suggest that you try to telnet to your UNIX machine from home (if it possibe) - however you can stil write in ANSI C on Windows and it will work on UNIX boxes as well.

Finally, you can always use the 'man' help to get info on some of the UNIX specific functions.

I must return on the first point: You must get Steven's book on UNIX - this is a MUST reuirement


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Packman123Author Commented:
hi EI ,

thanks for the name of the book , other than that are there any online resources where i can study from and if yes is it even advisable to learn it online ?

About the GUI u got me a little wrong ... The thing is that i would like to do hardcore programming in C under UNIX .. now i cant get hold of the CUI based UNIX and i cant even telnet to my college server from home . So , since LINUX is what i have , is it possible to learn programming under LINUX in a terminal ? as u would in UNIX ? about the graphics thats a much later stage but i was just curious as to how the Graphic functions would work in a LINUX terminal .

In your opinion do i need to install the CUI based UNIX or LINUX would do the trick ? If a CUI then how and where do i download and install it from .

The book u suggested would make me aware of the OS unix too? or is it only a book for programming in UNIX ?

Thanks again

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