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I'm in my first days with dreamweaver and with CSS, previous experience has been always, server side programming, like

I've just created a new page from the CSS pagedesigns, the one with left navigation all css usage. All looks nice at this point.
Now, I'm adding the first content page for the very first link, it is an article. So, I have already an article in plain html.
Since, there are no frames, how do I "direct" the article into the content page !?
or should I ask, how do I add the left menu and top header to my article page ?

I know how to do that in by using user controls, but here I have no idea where to start with.

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Not sure exactly what your asking, but it sounds like you may be trying to incorporate dynamic content into what seems to be a simple static page.

Unless the content (article) is dynamically generated, it should simply be html in a div layer somewhere on the page. then the menu link should just have a <a href....   to the page.html that the article resides in.

let me know if we are talking about two seperate things.

fischermxAuthor Commented:
What I'm looking for is consistent in pages, plus not re-write all the page in each call.
I've found they have templates that seems to be what I'm looking for, though, I'm still testing.
when you say re-write the page, do you mean that you dont want the content of the html to be called to the browser?

This should not really be a problem, your browser caches most of the content of a page, and that is saved then checked against the next called pages to see if it needs to download the content.

If you are just changeing content of a layer, or a cell, then this shoulnt be a problem.  
If you calling data from a database, this is a different story.  You can just re-call the same page with different variables to query from.

Also look at serverside include files, they can work like a template.  you can make one menu and save it as a file. then call that menu on all the other pages.  If you need to change a link or something, you only have to change that one file.


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fischermxAuthor Commented:
I think my problem was try to work with static pages as I used to work with dynamic ones.
I thought dreamweaver had tools to help yor in automate the creation of multiple pages with consistent look and I think templates (dwt files) should work just fine for that purpose.
Thank you.

good luck.

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