Netware 6.5 SP2 Server Freezes Cold w/o Indication of Errors

I'm a novice at Novell, but I've been given the task of taking on old Poweredge 1400 (dual PIII 866Mhz, 1GB RAM, PERC2/DC RAID, dual intel nic, and 4x36GB 10K SCSI drives in RAID 5 and setting it up as a Novell Server.

Fair enough.

I installed the OS and PROD CDs.  Got the SP2 files and loaded them.  So I got everything working.  Then I started noticing a disturbing trend.  

My server freezes cold without recourse other than to powercycle.  This server is pre-production, so I'm not concerned about uptime.  But the problem is completely baffling.  My only ABEND log entries point to SERVER.NLM and AFPTCP.NLM (the apple talk config driver.)  But I updated the AFPTCP and lockups still occur.  

If I reboot the server and just let it be, it will not lock up for upwards of 24 hours, but it will eventually happen.  If I am using the server, it locks up much quicker.  If I try and copy about 1GB of files to it, it freezes almost immediately and without fail.

I thought it might be the PERC Drivers, so I've gotten the latest from Dell (PEDGE3.HAM).  I thought it might be the LAN drivers, but I updated those too.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Keep in mind I'm no expert on the OS.
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OK, NetWare v6.5 with SP2. Does it have any Post-SP2 patches? In particular, there is one which is critical if the server hosts an NDS replica - see -->

Generally, the symptoms you describe point to a hardware problem. Have you tried running the Dell diagnostics?

Novell TID #10017179 ( provides a general guide to troubleshooting ABENDs, altho I'm not sure if it really applies, since you're getting a hard lockup with no ABENDs, right? Are you able to even activate the NetWare Debugger (hold down the Left Shift and Right-Shift keys and then, at the same time, depress the ALT and ESC keys)?
TID 10017179 is a great place to start, as PsiCop pointed out.

Can you post your AUTOEXEC and STARTUP.NCF files here? We'll take a look to get a better idea of your setup.


The first thing would check is your intel lan driver

Get most current from the intel web site

Neware 6.5 ship with bad intel lan drivers.

I had a very similar problem load up new  drvivers cleared right up.  
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Is all the firmware flashed and up todate on the server? Backplane,PERC,BIOS?
ColebertAuthor Commented:
first, thanks for the outpouring of responses.

on firmware:

PERC: Firmware, BIOS, and drivers all latest from Dell
BIOS: Latest from Dell
BACKPLANE: no backplane present.


on  Intel Pro/100+ Dual Port Server Adapter:

I downloaded the latest driver in hdetect from Intel and restarted the sever.


ran a consistency check of the logicial drive in the PERC2/DC bios and it claimed nothing was wrong.

Will now try PsiCop and WBM's advice.*+6.5&submit=Go%21

and tried to copy a huge grouping of files (Groupwise install files) and it still froze.


ColebertAuthor Commented:
should have been:

on  Intel Pro/100+ Dual Port Server Adapter:

I updated the latest driver in hdetect from Intel and restarted the sever.

Source file:*+6.5&submit=Go%21

and tried to copy a huge grouping of files (Groupwise install files) and it still froze.
ColebertAuthor Commented:
ok... onto the eDirectory update.  that's out.

that didn't help anything either.   after i RESET SERVER, it restarted and within 2 minutes was frozen.  ...and I didn't even touch it or do any file copies.
have you tried backing out sp2, and see if the server still freezes. If it does not, then I would think something is Sp2 is having issues with Hardware. i wil agree with  PsiCop  that it is a harware issue. he has never steered me wrong, and helped me numerous times. Also I am sorry if I missed it, but did you do any post sp2 patches.
To follow up on eberhardt2329's advice, how did you install SP2? Did you install from the original NetWare v6.5 media and then applied SP2 separately, or did you get the NetWare v6.5 SP2 Overlay CDs from the Novell Support site ( and and install from that?

If the former, I would suggest re-doing in the installation uing the Overlay CDs.
ColebertAuthor Commented:
thanks for the advice guys.

however, the problem began almost immediately after installing the entire OS.  it was a clean install.  i thought installing SP2 might help, but it didn't.  
Could we possibly have the old client side caching issue that NW is infamous for ?
ColebertAuthor Commented:
btw, right now there are only two users configured to use this server.   admin and myself.  no one connects to it except me.  

i'm in a mixed enviroment.  i have two Windows 2k3 and 2k DCs.  The Novell doesn't use DNS or DHCP.  It has a static and is registered on the MS DNS servers.  

ColebertAuthor Commented:
by "doesn't use DNS" i mean "isn't a DNS Server."
I dunno - generally the client-side caching resulted in corrupt or inaccessible files, not server lockups.

I'd suggest wiping the server and performing an install from the Overlay CDs.

I recently installed NetWare v6.5 SP2 (from Overlay CDs) on an old ProLiant 3000 (dual 450 MHz CPUs, 1.6 GB RAM) and ran into ABENDs and lockups. I eventually traced them down to a bad SDRAM DIMM.

Are you enabling Native File Access support? Starting with NetWare v6.5 SP2, NetWare using NFAP can participate in the Windoze Domain as a DC. I'm wondering if you have that turned on.
ColebertAuthor Commented:
lol, if I did I didn't consciously do it.  like i said, i'm no expert.  i just got told to do it so i started learning.  

how do you think doing a total reinstall would solve the problem?  
"how do you think doing a total reinstall would solve the problem?  "

Very good question. And its one of those mysteries of complex operating systems. I've had a system were I installed a base version of NetWare and then tried to apply the latest SP and it just didn't work out right and my system was unstable. But when I installed, on the same hardware, using the OS with the SP already overlaid, it went great - no problems at all.

What I'm thinking is that the base install made some mistake, during the install, that's since been fixed by an SP, but the fix didn't propogate thru your system because it was applied after the install had already done its thing. Exactly what that fix is or where it is I'm not sure, but this is my supposition.

And I've just generally gotten better results doing installs using the OS with the latest SP already overlaid. Just seems to work smoother.

Whether or not the Native File Access support was turned on is, in part, driven by what "personality" or server "template" you chose during your setup. You may recall shortly after the setup program switched to the GUI interface, you were given a set of pre-configured server packages, selectable by radio button. I dunno which one you chose, but NFAP support would be affected by that choice.

I still think a hardware problem is on the table as a possible cause. We have NetWare v6.5 running on a variety of DELL boxes using PERC boards (which I don't like, I think they're a second-rate RAID board when compared to something like the Compaq SmartSCSI Array controllers) and we don't have any issues like this (and we're almost entirely NetWare v6.5)

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How 'bout the PSM?  Are you running the current MultiProcessor Support Module for that model server?
My first encounter with the CSC issue caused high server util and server lockups.That was the infamous SP2 for 5.1 and, as a lot of us know, Novell has been "fixing" this one for a very long time .(It was also present in SP1,just not as pronounced)

If I had a nickel for every post that I have seen concerning that issue ...

As for a possible fix ,try this:

Client - Novell Client Configuration, Advanced Settings, File Caching=off
Server - Set parameters, NCP, Client file caching enabled=off
                                                   Level 2 oplocks enabled=off
BTW, using the installs with the latest SPs already applied is simple - all ya gotta have is a CD-ROM burner. I gave the links above, you download the files, unpack them and then burn the resultant ISO images to CDs. There are two, OS and Products. The OS CD is bootable (assuming the server's hardware supports that, and I'm fairly sure the Dells do) and boots to the install.
ColebertAuthor Commented:
i understand the theory behind just doing a reinstall.   i'm gonna hold off on that for a few more days since i can try some of the other solutions, etc.

keep in mind, though, that I also used the trail OS and PROD discs from the website.  my site is on an open educational liscense and we're supposed to use that smartcert application to liscense everything, but i couldn't figure out how to use it to download Netware, so I just got the trail and figured I could liscense it after the fact.  

am i missing something here?
ColebertAuthor Commented:
i think i just selected the most generic server role and said i'd pick and choose the specific parts later.  
All the modern NetWare products work the same way insofar as licensing goes. You can download the trial product or the latest overlay images and install them in trial mode (no license) and install a license later.

Frankly, I think its downright stupid that Novell does not provide the latest overlay images as their "trial" version downloads. Best foot forward, only one chance to make a good first impression, that sort of thing. But they've always been a little slow when it came to marketing themselves. Just drives me up a wall to see amateur hour in the marketing department when the rest of the org is anything but.

pgm554, you could be right, but I'd honestly suspect a buggy driver or failing hardware first. In my experience, the OpLocks bit (which HAS been an ongoing problem, you're right about that) generally manifests itself with client-side problems as opposed to server-side problems. I'm not saying it can't be the OpLocks, but I think that's a zebra solution right now, given the info at hand (altho if that did turn out to be the issue, I'll be the first to stand in awe of you :-)

As for ShineOn's comment regarding which Processor Support Module (PSM) module to use, we use MPS14.PSM on our Dell servers. As ShineOn suggests, be sure that the install did not erroneously choose ACPI.PSM. At the NetWare console prompt, enter --> MODULES *.PSM

The result should look like:

   Loaded from [C:\NWSERVER]
   Address Space=OS
   blah blah blah

If it says "ACPI.PSM", you need to change that in C:\NWSERVER\STARTUP.NCF. Easiest way to do that is use NWCONFIG to edit the file. At the console prompt, enter --> NWCONFIG

Choose NCF Files Options and Edit STARTUP.NCF and replace LOAD ACPI.PSM with LOAD MPS14.PSM
ColebertAuthor Commented:
it says i'm using MPS14.PSM.  

i ran on the ram and its fine.   this server used to be a Server 2000 box, but we retired it to move our Netware 5 server over to it.   But instead we decided to make a new tree and go with a whol enew server then transfer the eDirectory info.  (Mostly because I had no confidence I wouldn't compeltely screw up that production server.)

The reason I'm saying this is that that box worked as a 2k server for over 3 years without hardware Issues.  Maybe thats why I think its still a driver issue.  The only thing different I did with that box is make pull the 18G SCSIs out and put in 36G scsis that were working.   Furhtermore, i've run the consistency test off the PERC drivers and it passed.  

I'm not entirely clear on how to slipstream the SP2 into the OS disk.  How I originally installed the OS was to make the array, format the OS to DOS 6.22, bust the ISO and burn it to CD .  Copy the contents onto the drive.  Then run the install from the disk.  Hacked through getting it setup and understanding the Console1 and all the webbased controls.  Started seeing lockups, upped the FWs on everything, latest drivers for the PERC, and then tried SP2.  
ColebertAuthor Commented:
Server ACI65 halted Wednesday, November 17, 2004   8:59:29.295 am
Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.70: Page Fault Processor Exception (Error code 00000000)

    CS = 0008 DS = 0010 ES = 0010 FS = 0010 GS = 0010 SS = 0010
    EAX = 00001015 EBX = FFFFFFFE ECX = 00001000 EDX = 0ADD3065
    EIP = 00214200 FLAGS = 00010282
    00214200 8B5310         MOV     EDX, [EBX+10]=?
    EIP in SERVER.NLM at code start +000073A0h
    Access Location: 0x0000000E

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
00214200 8B5310         MOV     EDX, [EBX+10]
00214203 89DE           MOV     ESI, EBX
00214205 81FA121F041E   CMP     EDX, 1E041F12
0021420B 7549           JNZ     00214256
0021420D 53             PUSH    EBX
0021420E E8ADE9EFFF     CALL    SERVER.NLM|kSpinLockDisable
00214213 8B4B14         MOV     ECX, [EBX+14]
00214216 83C404         ADD     ESP, 04
00214219 49             DEC     ECX
0021421A 89C7           MOV     EDI, EAX

Running process: AFPTCP.NLM      1 Process
Thread Owned by NLM: AFPTCP.NLM
Stack pointer: B505F778
OS Stack limit: B505BCC0
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 3030070  Yielded CPU
Stack: --B505F9E0  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+68BC)
       --FFFFFFFE  (LOADER.EXE|KernelTempAliasesEnd+FFE)
       --FFFFFFFE  (LOADER.EXE|KernelTempAliasesEnd+FFE)
       --B505F9E0  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+68BC)
       B02FCB02  (THREADS.NLM|_WaitOnSemaphore+26)
       --FFFFFFFE  (LOADER.EXE|KernelTempAliasesEnd+FFE)
       --00000000  ?
       --B505F9E0  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+68BC)
       B0345861  (NLMLIB.NLM|NWRCloseConn+B5)
       --FFFFFFFE  (LOADER.EXE|KernelTempAliasesEnd+FFE)
       --B46B5040  (AFPTCP.NLM|__U8LS+779F)
       --B2C47080  ?
       --B46B5040  (AFPTCP.NLM|__U8LS+779F)
       --B505F9E0  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+68BC)
       B03DD9B9  (NETNLM32.NLM|NWDSMutateObject+4A49)
       --B505F9E0  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+68BC)
       --00000000  ?
       --B505F73C  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+6618)
       --0000800D  ?
       --B46B5040  (AFPTCP.NLM|__U8LS+779F)
       --B2C47080  ?
       --B46B5040  (AFPTCP.NLM|__U8LS+779F)
       --0000890A  ?
       B02E8C73  (THREADS.NLM|free+F)
       --B2C47080  ?
       B03DD939  (NETNLM32.NLM|NWDSMutateObject+49C9)
       --B2C47080  ?
       --00750050  ?
       --006C0062  ?
       --00630069  ?
       -004B0020  ?
       --00790065  ?
       --00000000  ?
       --B2C4709E  ?
       B03CD1E8  (NETNLM32.NLM|NWDSAddReplica+358)
       --00000001  ?
       --B505F76C  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+6648)
       --00000000  ?
       --00000848  ?
       --B505F9A4  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+6880)
       --B505F744  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+6620)
       --FFFFFFFF  (LOADER.EXE|KernelTempAliasesEnd+FFF)
       --00000000  ?
       --B5013680  ?
       --0000800D  ?
       --B505FA10  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+68EC)
       --B505FA70  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+694C)
       --0000890A  ?
       B029601A  (CLNNLM32.NLM|NWCCloseConn+A)
       --B505F9E0  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+68BC)
       B03CBEF6  (NETNLM32.NLM|NWDSGetSyntaxID+2A6)
       --B505F9E0  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+68BC)
       B02FDF94  (THREADS.NLM|stackavail+34)
       -004E0043  (SERVER.NLM|spuriousCountArray+1DCF)
       -0041003D  (SERVER.NLM|(Data Start)+31DD)
       -00490043  ?
       00350036  (SERVER.NLM|ICmpB+1F)
       -004F002E  (SERVER.NLM|NeedFreeCleanPages+11)
       -0041003D  (SERVER.NLM|(Data Start)+31DD)
       -00410047  (SERVER.NLM|(Data Start)+31E7)
       -00450050  (SERVER.NLM|HelpExpressionMessageTable+1C)
       --00000000  ?
       --00000000  ?
       --FFFFFFFF  (LOADER.EXE|KernelTempAliasesEnd+FFF)
       --320A0800  ?
       --00000000  ?
       --00000000  ?
       --00000000  ?
       --FFFFFFFF  (LOADER.EXE|KernelTempAliasesEnd+FFF)
       --FFFFFFFF  (LOADER.EXE|KernelTempAliasesEnd+FFF)
       --00000000  ?
       --00000000  ?
       --320A0800  ?
       --00000000  ?
       --00000000  ?
       -0044CED4  (SERVER.NLM|xAllocSizeTable+18)
       --FFFFFFFF  (LOADER.EXE|KernelTempAliasesEnd+FFF)
       --FFFFFFFF  (LOADER.EXE|KernelTempAliasesEnd+FFF)
       --00000000  ?
       --00000000  ?
       --B4F04AC0  ?
       --00000002  ?
       --00000000  ?
       BDA36705  (CONNMGR.NLM|AllocateConnectionSlot+3D5)
       --00000000  ?
       --00000001  ?
       --B4F04AC0  ?
       --00000002  ?
       BDA36705  (CONNMGR.NLM|AllocateConnectionSlot+3D5)
       --00000025  ?
       --B31561E0  (ZIP.NLM|_argc+C860)
       --B4F84C80  ?
       --B4F84C00  ?
       --B4F84C00  ?
       002121E7  (SERVER.NLM|kMutexUnlock+147)
       --B4DC6200  ?
       --B4F84C00  ?
       --B31561E0  (ZIP.NLM|_argc+C860)
       --B505F8F8  (SETMD4.NLM|G_appsidThreadML+67D4)
       --00000000  ?
Additional Information:
    The CPU encountered a problem executing code in SERVER.NLM.  The problem may be in that module or in data passed to that module by a process owned by AFPTCP.NLM.

Loaded Modules:
AFPTCP.NLM       AFPTCP (Build 194  SP)
  Version 2.00.22   July 16, 2003
  Code Address: B468A000h  Length: 000238BDh
  Data Address: B3420000h  Length: 00009180h
WSPDSI.NLM       NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for Data Stream Interface
  Version 6.20.01   February 19, 2003
  Code Address: B2E1E000h  Length: 00002E94h
  Data Address: B2FE4000h  Length: 000006D4h
NFAP4NRM.NLM     ENG TEST - NFAP Simple Password Management NLM
  Version 1.04   June 29, 2003
  Code Address: B5061000h  Length: 000080A2h
  Data Address: B506B000h  Length: 00017CA0h
SETMD4.NLM       Windows Native File Access CIFS Library (Build 39  SP)
  Version 2.00.01   June 4, 2003
  Code Address: B5056000h  Length: 0000125Ch
  Data Address: B5059000h  Length: 00000130h
NMASGPXY.NLM     NMAS Generic Proxy
  Version 1.04   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: B4C8E000h  Length: 00000DA8h
  Data Address: B4C90000h  Length: 00000098h
NMAS.NLM         Novell Modular Authentication Service
  Version 2.60   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: B4D91000h  Length: 000316B8h
  Data Address: B4FF4000h  Length: 000075D0h
GAMS.NLM         Graded Authentication Management Service
  Version 1.13.01   June 21, 2002
  Code Address: B4D7D000h  Length: 0000DB85h
  Data Address: B4D8C000h  Length: 000012C0h
SPMNWCC.NLM      Novell SPM Client for NWCC
  Version 1.00   June 24, 2003
  Code Address: B4D01000h  Length: 0000FA4Eh
  Data Address: B4D12000h  Length: 00001330h
LANGMANI.NLM     Novell Cross-Platform Language Manager
  Version 10210.20   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: B4666000h  Length: 000040A2h
  Data Address: B466C000h  Length: 00001084h
XI18N.NLM        Novell Cross-Platform Internationalization Package
  Version 10210.20   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: B4603000h  Length: 0001C932h
  Data Address: B4621000h  Length: 00007E90h
PORTAL.NLM       NetWare Remote Manager NLM
  Version 3.00   July 3, 2003
  Code Address: B4433000h  Length: 000D35A9h
  Data Address: B4748000h  Length: 0005F0F0h
BTCPCOM.NLM      BTCPCOM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230  
  Version 7.90   March 20, 2001
  Code Address: B43BE000h  Length: 000043C0h
  Data Address: B43C4000h  Length: 00000CECh
WSPSSL.NLM       NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for SSL
  Version 6.20.09   June 17, 2003
  Code Address: B3E2F000h  Length: 000061D7h
  Data Address: B3E37000h  Length: 000108FFh
HTTPSTK.NLM      Novell Small Http Interface
  Version 3.00   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: B3F4D000h  Length: 0001FADDh
  Data Address: B3E73000h  Length: 00017648h
BSPXCOM.NLM      BSPXCOM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230  
  Version 7.90   March 20, 2001
  Code Address: B3ABE000h  Length: 0000525Ah
  Data Address: B3CC4000h  Length: 00000BB0h
NILE.NLM         Novell Secure Socket Services NLM  
  Version 6.03.01   July 7, 2003
  Code Address: B3DDA000h  Length: 0005390Bh
  Data Address: B3F19000h  Length: 0001F3E0h
NPKIAPI.NLM      Public Key Infrastructure Services
  Version 2.52   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: B3C8C000h  Length: 0002C1D7h
  Data Address: B3D3D000h  Length: 00013BEBh
NPKIT.NLM        Public Key Infrastructure Services
  Version 2.52   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: B3CC6000h  Length: 0001DB50h
  Data Address: B3CE5000h  Length: 000185BBh
PKI.NLM          Novell Certificate Server
  Version 2.52.01   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: B3D58000h  Length: 00080F25h
  Data Address: B3C01000h  Length: 00039AE0h
PKIAPI.NLM       Public Key Infrastructure Services
  Version 2.23   April 3, 2002
  Code Address: B3C3E000h  Length: 00036281h
  Data Address: B3B43000h  Length: 000061D4h
LDAPSDK.NLM      LDAP SDK Library (Clib version)
  Version 3.00   July 2, 2003
  Code Address: B3BDD000h  Length: 0001CC96h
  Data Address: B3B6C000h  Length: 00005834h
NWUTIL.NLM       Novell Utility Library NLM  ()
  Version 1.03.05   June 9, 2003
  Code Address: B3B7C000h  Length: 000128D8h
  Data Address: B3B90000h  Length: 00019D14h
NWBSRVCM.NLM     NWBSRVCM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230  
  Version 7.90   March 20, 2001
  Code Address: B386D000h  Length: 00006776h
  Data Address: B0103000h  Length: 00000AD0h
MONDATA.NLM      NetWare 5.x/6.x Monitor MIB
  Version 6.00   January 14, 2003
  Code Address: B384E000h  Length: 00008D3Fh
  Data Address: B34DE000h  Length: 00004DD1h
NWIDK.NLM        CDWare Volume Module
  Version 3.01.01   May 20, 2003
  Code Address: B3575000h  Length: 00004640h
  Data Address: B384C000h  Length: 00000730h
SERVINST.NLM     NetWare 5.x/6.x Instrumentation
  Version 5.00.08   February 11, 2003
  Code Address: B3469000h  Length: 0001053Ch
  Data Address: B347B000h  Length: 00007484h
NWTRAP.NLM       NetWare 6.x Trap Monitor
  Version 6.00.01   March 6, 2003
  Code Address: B2C93000h  Length: 000065F3h
  Data Address: B33B9000h  Length: 0000A2D0h
HOSTMIB.NLM      NetWare 5.x/6.x Host Resources MIB
  Version 5.00.10   February 18, 2003
  Code Address: B2C76000h  Length: 0000B4C0h
  Data Address: B2C83000h  Length: 00003CD8h
ZIP.NLM          Java zip (based on 1.4.1_02a)
  Version 1.41.02   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: B313C000h  Length: 0000AD2Ch
  Data Address: B3148000h  Length: 00001B10h
CWD.NLM          Perl 5.8.0  - Cwd Extension  XS_VERSION: 2.06
  Version 3.20.02   May 5, 2003
  Code Address: B311B000h  Length: 000011FAh
  Data Address: B311E000h  Length: 0000066Ch
JVMLIB.NLM       Java jvmlib (based on 1.4.1_02a)
  Version 1.41.02   July 7, 2003
  Code Address: B31D0000h  Length: 00017634h
  Data Address: B31E9000h  Length: 00008650h
VERIFY.NLM       Java verify (based on 1.4.1_02a)
  Version 1.41.02   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: B30CC000h  Length: 00008624h
  Data Address: B30D6000h  Length: 00001B80h
JVM.NLM          Java Hotspot 1.4.1_02a Interpreter
  Version 1.41.02   July 10, 2003
  Code Address: B35EB000h  Length: 002004DFh
  Data Address: B37ED000h  Length: 0005D2D0h
IPMGMT.NLM       TCPIP - NetWare IP Address Management
  Version 1.01.17   July 11, 2003
  Code Address: B2FA3000h  Length: 0002B2EBh
  Data Address: B2FD0000h  Length: 00005698h
JSOCK6X.NLM      NetWare 6.x Support For Java Sockets (JDK 1.4.1)
  Version 1.41.01   July 10, 2003
  Code Address: B2C4D000h  Length: 0000D688h
  Data Address: B2C5C000h  Length: 000024C4h
JAVA.NLM         java.nlm (based on 1.4.1_02a)  Build 03071015
  Version 1.41.02   July 10, 2003
  Code Address: B2CBC000h  Length: 0002F145h
  Data Address: B2CED000h  Length: 0000B108h
JSOCK.NLM        Support For Java Sockets (loader)
  Version 1.41.01   July 10, 2003
  Code Address: B2CA6000h  Length: 00000086h
  Data Address: B2CA8000h  Length: 00000064h
PERL.NLM         Perl 5.8.0 - Script interpreter for NetWare
  Version 3.20.02   July 10, 2003
  Code Address: B2E4F000h  Length: 000F043Ch
  Data Address: BCF35000h  Length: 0001FDF5h
NWSEC.NLM        Scripting - Security Library
  Version 1.00.02   May 22, 2003
  Code Address: B2DD4000h  Length: 00003A29h
  Data Address: B2DD9000h  Length: 00000AD4h
NETDB.NLM        Network Database Access Module
  Version 4.10.26   June 27, 2003
  Code Address: B2D5F000h  Length: 00013933h
  Data Address: B2D74000h  Length: 000025FCh
NSPDNS.NLM       NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPDNS.NLM Name Service Providers
  Version 6.20.02   March 20, 2003
  Code Address: B2AEA000h  Length: 00002527h
  Data Address: B2AEE000h  Length: 000004E4h
WSPIP.NLM        NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for TCP and UDP
  Version 6.20.08   July 8, 2003
  Code Address: B2BFB000h  Length: 0000E924h
  Data Address: B2C0B000h  Length: 00001FACh
  Version 2.07   May 2, 2003
  Code Address: B28C0000h  Length: 0000385Ah
  Data Address: B28C5000h  Length: 0000108Ch
NCPIP.NLM        NetWare NCP Services over IP
  Version 6.01   July 8, 2003
  Code Address: B2515000h  Length: 00015FB9h
  Data Address: B252C000h  Length: 000032C0h
BSDSOCK.NLM      Novell BSDSOCK Module  
  Version 6.51.14   May 12, 2003
  Code Address: B2A6D000h  Length: 00010AC9h
  Data Address: B2A7F000h  Length: 0000C0C0h
TCPIP.NLM        Novell TCP/IP Stack - Network module (NULL encryption)  
  Version 6.51.20   July 2, 2003
  Code Address: B2537000h  Length: 0004DADCh
  Data Address: B2587000h  Length: 00037F80h
TCP.NLM          Novell TCP/IP Stack - Transport module (NULL encryption)  
  Version 6.51.17   May 29, 2003
  Code Address: B26E9000h  Length: 00024BFBh
  Data Address: B270F000h  Length: 0007DDF0h
NETLIB.NLM       Novell TCPIP NETLIB Module  
  Version 6.50.22   February 12, 2003
  Code Address: B246B000h  Length: 00005AACh
  Data Address: B2611000h  Length: 000D0710h
  Version 4.21   December 7, 1999
  Code Address: B2463000h  Length: 000003CCh
  Data Address: B2465000h  Length: 000024E0h
IPXRTRNM.NLM     IPX Router Network Management
  Version 6.60   June 24, 1998
  Code Address: B244D000h  Length: 0000C223h
  Data Address: B245B000h  Length: 000043C0h
IPXRTR.NLM       IPX NLSP Router Production_02Dec2001
  Version 6.70.01   December 3, 2001
  Code Address: BFED6000h  Length: 00047B7Eh
  Data Address: BFF1F000h  Length: 00017B10h
LSAPI.NLM        NLS LSAPI Library
  Version 5.02   January 7, 2003
  Code Address: B23F2000h  Length: 0000A51Bh
  Data Address: B23FE000h  Length: 00001B00h
  Version 5.02   January 7, 2003
  Code Address: B2381000h  Length: 000124ABh
  Data Address: B2395000h  Length: 000022A4h
CE100B.LAN       Intel(R) 8255x-based Network Connection
  Version 7.03   January 12, 2003
  Code Address: B2358000h  Length: 0000BC2Eh
  Data Address: 00FCC000h  Length: 00009868h
ETHERTSM.NLM     Novell Ethernet Topology Specific Module
  Version 3.89   January 27, 2003
  Code Address: B2352000h  Length: 000024D7h
  Data Address: B2356000h  Length: 000002BCh
MSM.NLM          Novell Multi-Processor Media Support Module
  Version 4.10   January 24, 2003
  Code Address: B2339000h  Length: 0000E5B3h
  Data Address: B2349000h  Length: 00003DCCh
CONNAUD.NLM      NLS - Connection Metering
  Version 3.13   January 13, 2003
  Code Address: B1A75000h  Length: 000036E3h
  Data Address: B1A7A000h  Length: 00000AA0h
NLSMETER.NLM     NLS - Software Usage Metering Database
  Version 3.27   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: B1A55000h  Length: 0000DD97h
  Data Address: B1A64000h  Length: 0000738Ch
NLSLSP.NLM       NLS - License Service Provider
  Version 5.02   June 25, 2003
  Code Address: B2244000h  Length: 00069F47h
  Data Address: B22AF000h  Length: 0001EE58h
DXEVENT.NLM      DirXML Event Handler for Novell Directory Services 8.7.0
  Version 10410.02   June 6, 2003
  Code Address: B1AE4000h  Length: 00019C81h
  Data Address: B1AFF000h  Length: 0000B314h
CSL.NLM          NetWare Call Support Layer For NetWare
  Version 2.06.02   January 13, 2000
  Code Address: B1439000h  Length: 0000CB32h
  Data Address: B1447000h  Length: 000028F4h
  Version 7.90   March 21, 2001
  Code Address: B1428000h  Length: 000013BFh
  Data Address: B142B000h  Length: 00000980h
NWMKDE.NLM       NWMKDE.NLM v7.94.251.000
  Version 7.94   December 11, 2001
  Code Address: BFE74000h  Length: 00053D55h
  Data Address: B1931000h  Length: 0000F784h
NWENC103.NLM     NWENC103.NLM v7.90.000 (Text Encoding Conversion Library)
  Version 7.90   February 24, 2001
  Code Address: BFDDE000h  Length: 0004D0F5h
  Data Address: B1D86000h  Length: 001B0208h
NWAIF103.NLM     nwaif103.nlm v7.94, Build 251 ()
  Version 7.94   November 30, 2001
  Code Address: B18DA000h  Length: 00010E51h
  Data Address: B18EC000h  Length: 00006828h
PSVCS.NLM        Portability Services
  Version 251.00   November 30, 2001
  Code Address: B1598000h  Length: 0001270Fh
  Data Address: B15AC000h  Length: 00009464h
NWUCMGR.NLM      NWUCMGR.NLM v1.5 Build 230
  Version 1.05   March 14, 2001
  Code Address: B14ED000h  Length: 0000D920h
  Data Address: B14FC000h  Length: 000078D4h
IPXS.NLM         NetWare STREAMS IPX Protocol
  Version 4.10.01   February 12, 1998
  Code Address: B13BA000h  Length: 00001C95h
  Data Address: B13BD000h  Length: 000000ECh
  Global Code Address: B13BF000h  Length: 00001000h
SNMP.NLM         Netware 4.x/5.x/6.x SNMP Service
  Version 4.16.04   February 18, 2003
  Code Address: B1371000h  Length: 00013740h
  Data Address: B1386000h  Length: 00003110h
TLI.NLM          NetWare Transport Level Interface Library
  Version 4.30.02   December 19, 2000
  Code Address: B12AF000h  Length: 00003859h
  Data Address: B0B9D000h  Length: 00000164h
  Global Code Address: B12B4000h  Length: 00001000h
  Global Data Address: B12B6000h  Length: 00002000h
NSPSAP.NLM       NetWare Winsock 2.0 NLM NSPSAP.NLM Name Service Provider
  Version 6.20.01   February 19, 2003
  Code Address: B0BA4000h  Length: 00001EE7h
  Data Address: B0BA7000h  Length: 00000610h
WSPIPX.NLM       NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for IPX and SPX
  Version 6.20.01   May 6, 2003
  Code Address: B1283000h  Length: 0000DAF9h
  Data Address: B0B7B000h  Length: 00001762h
NCPIPX.NLM       Novell NCP/IPX Stack NLM
  Version 5.60   November 21, 2001
  Code Address: B1277000h  Length: 000056B7h
  Data Address: B127E000h  Length: 00001308h
CONLOG.NLM       System Console Logger  
  Version 3.00.02   November 26, 2002
  Code Address: B0BD8000h  Length: 000020DCh
  Data Address: B0BDC000h  Length: 00001CC0h
DHOST.NLM        Novell DHost Portability Interface 1.0.0 SMP
  Version 10010.91   June 27, 2003
  Code Address: B0AE3000h  Length: 00006631h
  Data Address: B0AC5000h  Length: 0000234Ch
IPXSPX.NLM       NetWare IPX/SPX Protocol Stack NLM
  Version 5.60   November 21, 2001
  Code Address: B0B42000h  Length: 0000FC52h
  Data Address: B0B54000h  Length: 00009A3Ah
NSPNDS.NLM       NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPNDS.NLM Name Service Provider
  Version 6.20   November 12, 2001
  Code Address: B0B38000h  Length: 00006547h
  Data Address: B0B40000h  Length: 00000518h
CALNLM32.NLM     NetWare NWCalls Runtime Library
  Version 5.05.08   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: BFD49000h  Length: 00017349h
  Data Address: B0B36000h  Length: 00000510h
DS.NLM           Novell eDirectory Version 8.7.1 SMP
  Version 10510.64   July 11, 2003
  Code Address: B1600000h  Length: 00258064h
  Data Address: B0A05000h  Length: 00076A4Ch
ROLLCALL.NLM     RollCall NLM (101, API 1.0)
  Version 5.00   July 27, 1998
  Code Address: B0A01000h  Length: 0000055Dh
  Data Address: B0A03000h  Length: 000002D4h
SAL.NLM          Novell System Abstraction Layer  Version 2.2.0
  Version 20210.72   June 27, 2003
  Code Address: B01B1000h  Length: 00007946h
  Data Address: B09FB000h  Length: 00001230h
NDSAUDIT.NLM     Directory Services Audit
  Version 2.09   May 22, 2003
  Code Address: B09DC000h  Length: 00010844h
  Data Address: B01AD000h  Length: 00002ED0h
POLIMGR.NLM      NetWare License Policy Manager
  Version 6.16   April 11, 2003
  Code Address: B01CA000h  Length: 00013B1Ch
  Data Address: B09D2000h  Length: 00008C40h
TIMESYNC.NLM     NetWare Time Synchronization Services
  Version 6.53   July 11, 2003
  Code Address: B038A000h  Length: 0000DA3Ch
  Data Address: B03F0000h  Length: 00003FA0h
CLXNLM32.NLM     NetWare NWCLX Runtime Library
  Version 5.05.08   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: B0385000h  Length: 00001213h
  Data Address: B0388000h  Length: 000001B0h
DSAPI.NLM        NetWare NWNet Runtime Library
  Version 5.05.08   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: B0381000h  Length: 00000043h
  Data Address: B0383000h  Length: 00000024h
DSEVENT.NLM      NetWare DSEvent Runtime Library
  Version 5.05.08   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: B037D000h  Length: 00000633h
  Data Address: B037F000h  Length: 00000034h
NETNLM32.NLM     NetWare NWNet Runtime Library
  Version 5.05.08   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: B03B8000h  Length: 00036AC1h
  Data Address: B0377000h  Length: 00004D86h
NCPNLM32.NLM     NetWare NWNCP Runtime Library
  Version 5.05.08   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: B039A000h  Length: 0001C0C3h
  Data Address: 00000000h  Length: 00000000h
CLNNLM32.NLM     NetWare NWClient Runtime Library
  Version 5.05.08   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: B0296000h  Length: 00001C72h
  Data Address: B020E000h  Length: 00000130h
CLIB.NLM         (Legacy) Standard C Runtime Library for NLMs
  Version 5.90.09   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: B01ED000h  Length: 0001894Eh
  Data Address: B0207000h  Length: 00002FB0h
NIT.NLM          NetWare Interface Tools Library for NLMs
  Version 5.90.09   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: B0359000h  Length: 0001C694h
  Data Address: B0214000h  Length: 00000690h
NLMLIB.NLM       Novell NLM Runtime Library
  Version 5.90.09   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: B032D000h  Length: 00025852h
  Data Address: B0354000h  Length: 00003890h
  Version 6.00.04   October 25, 2002
  Code Address: B0315000h  Length: 000120CDh
  Data Address: B024E000h  Length: 000010A0h
  Global Code Address: B0289000h  Length: 00001000h
REQUESTR.NLM     Novell NCP Requestor for NLMs
  Version 5.90.09   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: B0265000h  Length: 0001FCE3h
  Data Address: B0286000h  Length: 000010B0h
THREADS.NLM      Novell Threads Package for NLMs
  Version 5.90.09   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: B02E8000h  Length: 00018BF8h
  Data Address: B0302000h  Length: 00011660h
LIB0.NLM         Novell Ring 0 Library for NLMs
  Version 5.90.09   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: B02B5000h  Length: 0002527Ah
  Data Address: B1001000h  Length: 00228050h
MASV.NLM         Mandatory Access Control Service
  Version 1.39.01   March 13, 2002
  Code Address: B01BA000h  Length: 0000EE86h
  Data Address: B00FD000h  Length: 00002390h
NSPSLP.NLM       NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPSLP.NLM Name Service Provider
  Version 6.20.01   February 19, 2003
  Code Address: B018F000h  Length: 00005ED3h
  Data Address: B0110000h  Length: 00000B30h
PMLODR.NLM       PMLodr for NW65
  Version 1.25   May 30, 2003
  Code Address: B00EA000h  Length: 0000E54Ah
  Data Address: B00FA000h  Length: 00001630h
  Version 2.07   May 2, 2003
  Code Address: B0149000h  Length: 0001A718h
  Data Address: B0116000h  Length: 00005484h
DSLOADER.NLM     Novell eDirectory Version 8.7.1 Loader SMP
  Version 10510.64   July 11, 2003
  Code Address: B0036000h  Length: 0000C72Ch
  Data Address: B0044000h  Length: 00001224h
XIM.XLM          Novell NICI Signed Loader
  Version 26011.54   June 3, 2003
  Code Address: BFE2E000h  Length: 00020500h
  Data Address: 00FAE000h  Length: 000039B8h
WS2_32.NLM       NetWare Winsock 2.0 NLM
  Version 6.20.13   July 3, 2003
  Code Address: BFD62000h  Length: 00035512h
  Data Address: BE278000h  Length: 0001089Eh
NCP.NLM          NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) Engine
  Version 5.60   May 20, 2003
  Code Address: BFCC5000h  Length: 00024C6Fh
  Data Address: BFCEB000h  Length: 000184E4h
QUEUE.NLM        NetWare Queue Services NLM
  Version 5.60   May 24, 2001
  Code Address: BFC61000h  Length: 00006D8Dh
  Data Address: BFC69000h  Length: 00000473h
MALHLP.NLM       NSS Configure help messages (Build 371  MP)
  Version 3.20   June 4, 2003
  Code Address: BE295000h  Length: 000000BAh
  Data Address: BE297000h  Length: 0000002Ah
CDDVD.NSS        NSS Loadable Storage System (LSS) for CD/UDF (Build 151  MP)
  Version 3.20   June 4, 2003
  Code Address: BCDAB000h  Length: 00011D70h
  Data Address: BE291000h  Length: 00000FD0h
NSSIDK.NSS       NSS Pool Configuration Manager (Build 339  MP)
  Version 3.20   June 4, 2003
  Code Address: BE26F000h  Length: 00003695h
  Data Address: BE274000h  Length: 00000090h
PARTAPI.NLM      Partition APIs for NetWare 6.1
  Version 2.00   April 17, 2002
  Code Address: BE26D000h  Length: 00000007h
  Data Address: 00000000h  Length: 00000000h
VOLMN.NSS        NSS Distributed Volume Manager (Build 296  MP)
  Version 3.20   June 4, 2003
  Code Address: BE254000h  Length: 00008D13h
  Data Address: BE25E000h  Length: 00000570h
NWSA.NSS         NSS NetWare Semantic Agent (NWSA) (Build 1178  MP)
  Version 3.20   June 4, 2003
  Code Address: BCD65000h  Length: 000442BEh
  Data Address: BE1A8000h  Length: 00099120h
ZLSS.NSS         NSS Journaled Storage System (ZLSS) (Build 1644  MP)
  Version 3.20   June 4, 2003
  Code Address: BE0C7000h  Length: 000BF706h
  Data Address: BE188000h  Length: 0000BBE0h
MAL.NSS          NSS Media Access Layer (MAL) (Build 527  MP)
  Version 3.20   June 4, 2003
  Code Address: BE0BF000h  Length: 00002F86h
  Data Address: BE0C3000h  Length: 00000170h
MANAGE.NSS       NSS Management Functions (Build 488  MP)
  Version 3.20   June 19, 2003
  Code Address: BE07D000h  Length: 0003EDC5h
  Data Address: BDD13000h  Length: 00000B10h
COMN.NSS         NSS Common Support Layer (COMN) (Build 2546  MP)
  Version 3.20   July 2, 2003
  Code Address: BDF9C000h  Length: 000BE296h
  Data Address: BE05C000h  Length: 00013610h
NSS.NLM          NSS (Novell Storage Services) (Build 837  MP)
  Version 3.20   July 10, 2003
  Code Address: BDCE5000h  Length: 0002C030h
  Data Address: BDACC000h  Length: 0008D130h
SYSLOG.NLM       NetWare Logfile Daemon
  Version 6.05.01   July 8, 2003
  Code Address: BDD15000h  Length: 00005D2Ah
  Data Address: BDD1C000h  Length: 000260D4h
LIBNSS.NLM       Generic Library used by NSS (Build 130  MP)
  Version 3.20   June 18, 2003
  Code Address: BDCDE000h  Length: 0000344Ch
  Data Address: BDCE3000h  Length: 000003D0h
NSSWIN.NLM       NSS ASCI Window API Library (Build 190  MP)
  Version 3.20   June 4, 2003
  Code Address: BDCCE000h  Length: 000047DCh
  Data Address: BDCD4000h  Length: 000000FCh
UNI_UPR.NLM      NetWare Unicode Upper Case API, V1.01
  Version 1.01   July 23, 1998
  Code Address: BDCB5000h  Length: 00000107h
  Data Address: BDCB7000h  Length: 00002328h
UNI_MON.NLM      NetWare Unicode Lower Case API, V1.01
  Version 1.01   July 23, 1998
  Code Address: BDCAF000h  Length: 00000107h
  Data Address: BDCB1000h  Length: 0000207Ch
UNI_437.NLM      NetWare Unicode conversion API for code page 437, V1.01
  Version 1.01   July 23, 1998
  Code Address: BDCAB000h  Length: 000001B7h
  Data Address: BDCAD000h  Length: 00000B44h
LOCNLM32.NLM     NetWare NWLocale Runtime Library
  Version 5.05.08   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: BDCA3000h  Length: 000047EBh
  Data Address: BDCA9000h  Length: 00000C60h
UNICODE.NLM      NetWare Unicode Runtime Library
  Version 5.05.08   July 1, 2003
  Code Address: BDC94000h  Length: 00003413h
  Data Address: BDC99000h  Length: 00008AE4h
FILESYS.NLM      NetWare File System NLM
  Version 5.13   June 10, 2003
  Code Address: BDB9D000h  Length: 0008DB67h
  Data Address: BDAA2000h  Length: 00012BC0h
LFS.NLM          NetWare Logical File System NLM
  Version 5.12   June 20, 2003
  Code Address: BDA42000h  Length: 000094ADh
  Data Address: BDABF000h  Length: 000083BCh
CONNMGR.NLM      NetWare Connection Manager NLM
  Version 5.60   May 5, 2003
  Code Address: BDA2F000h  Length: 000111D5h
  Data Address: BDA83000h  Length: 00003C78h
PEDGE3.HAM       PERC  3/SC/DC(L)/QC, 4/SC/DC/Di, 4e/SC/DC/Di/Si & CERC HAM Driver.
  Version 7.01.22   December 4, 2003
  Code Address: BD9ED000h  Length: 0000847Eh
  Data Address: 3B7A4000h  Length: 000046E8h
IDEATA.HAM       Novell ATA/IDE/ATAPI Host Adapter Module
  Version 4.10   July 11, 2003
  Code Address: BD9D7000h  Length: 0000B701h
  Data Address: 3B857000h  Length: 000044C8h
SCSIHD.CDM       Novell NetWare SCSI Fixed Disk Custom Device Module
  Version 3.01.03   April 22, 2003
  Code Address: BD9D1000h  Length: 00004417h
  Data Address: 3B877000h  Length: 00000798h
IDECD.CDM        Novell ATAPI CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Custom Device Module
  Version 3.10   March 15, 2003
  Code Address: BD9BF000h  Length: 00003614h
  Data Address: 00205000h  Length: 00000CF0h
MPS14.PSM        Platform Support Module for NetWare 5/6 and MPS v1.4 compliant systems.
  Version 3.00   April 11, 2003
  Code Address: BCE56000h  Length: 0000F177h
  Data Address: 3B8A5000h  Length: 000049B0h
UMSSHIM.NLM      Novell USB Mouse Shim
  Version 1.02   March 27, 2003
  Code Address: BD961000h  Length: 00000B3Eh
  Data Address: 00207000h  Length: 00000428h
UKBDSHIM.NLM     Novell USB Keyboard Shim
  Version 1.02   June 11, 2003
  Code Address: BD95C000h  Length: 00000DD6h
  Data Address: 00208000h  Length: 00000514h
  Version 1.00   May 28, 2003
  Code Address: BD952000h  Length: 0000539Ah
  Data Address: 3B8AA000h  Length: 0000143Ch
LSL.NLM          Novell NetWare Link Support Layer
  Version 4.79   May 27, 2003
  Code Address: BD0D8000h  Length: 0000A617h
  Data Address: BD0E4000h  Length: 00009EC8h
FLOPPY.HAM       Novell FLOPPY Driver
  Version 1.01.07   June 11, 2003
  Code Address: BD0B3000h  Length: 000051C3h
  Data Address: 3B8AC000h  Length: 0000C2E4h
CIOS.NLM         Consolidated IO System
  Version 1.10   July 3, 2003
  Code Address: BCE74000h  Length: 0004AB02h
  Data Address: 3B986000h  Length: 0001B722h
NWPALOAD.NLM     NetWare 5 NWPA Load Utility
  Version 3.00   July 10, 2000
  Code Address: BCF8F000h  Length: 00000007h
  Data Address: 00000000h  Length: 00000000h
NWPA.NLM         NetWare 6.5 NetWare Peripheral Architecture NLM
  Version 3.20   June 25, 2003
  Code Address: BCF5C000h  Length: 00016556h
  Data Address: BCF74000h  Length: 000029B0h
MM.NLM           NetWare 6.5 Media Manager
  Version 3.20   July 23, 2003
  Code Address: BCED3000h  Length: 00044236h
  Data Address: BCF19000h  Length: 0000B178h
SGUID.NLM        NetWare GUID Services
  Version 6.01   September 27, 2002
  Code Address: BCC93000h  Length: 00000E04h
  Data Address: BCC95000h  Length: 0000018Ah
NBI.NLM          NetWare Bus Interface
  Version 2.36.01   June 3, 2003
  Code Address: BCE68000h  Length: 0000A923h
  Data Address: BCC8D000h  Length: 00001AC0h
NEB.NLM          Novell Event Bus
  Version 5.60   December 11, 2002
  Code Address: BCE4F000h  Length: 00005843h
  Data Address: BC9EA000h  Length: 0000097Ch
DIAG500.NLM      Diagnostic/coredump utility for NetWare 6.x
  Version 2.15   May 29, 2003
  Code Address: BCE1F000h  Length: 00006740h
  Data Address: BCE27000h  Length: 0001C1A0h
CPUCHECK.NLM     NetWare Processor Checking Utility
  Version 5.60.01   April 11, 2003
  Code Address: BC9F2000h  Length: 00001954h
  Data Address: BCA2B000h  Length: 00004B0Ch
SHOWLOGO.NLM     Novell Logo Viewer
  Version 1.12   June 3, 2003
  Code Address: BC271000h  Length: 00003EE7h
  Data Address: BC9E5000h  Length: 000035B2h
NWKCFG.NLM       NetWare Kernel Config NLM
  Version 2.16   January 29, 2003
  Code Address: BC263000h  Length: 00003E8Bh
  Data Address: BC268000h  Length: 00003CA4h
CDBE.NLM         NetWare Configuration DB Engine
  Version 6.01   June 13, 2003
  Code Address: BC221000h  Length: 00010936h
  Data Address: BC233000h  Length: 00015EAAh
FATFS.NLM        FAT Filesystem Module for NetWare
  Version 1.00   July 17, 2003
  Code Address: BC3E8000h  Length: 00020BCBh
  Data Address: BC40A000h  Length: 00028AB9h
CIOSSHIM.NLM     Novell CIOS Platform Shim
  Version 1.10   May 19, 2003
  Code Address: BC214000h  Length: 000032F7h
  Data Address: BC219000h  Length: 00006478h
LIBC.NLM         Standard C Runtime Library for NLMs [optimized, 3]
  Version 6.05.01   July 3, 2003
  Code Address: BC2EC000h  Length: 00092FB6h
  Data Address: BC380000h  Length: 0002B1A4h
PVER500.NLM      NetWare 6.XX Version Library
  Version 3.00   February 25, 2003
  Code Address: B8176000h  Length: 0000068Fh
  Data Address: B8178000h  Length: 00000360h
SERVER.NLM       NetWare Server Operating System
  Version 5.70   July 3, 2003
  Code Address: 0020CE60h  Length: 0014AA2Ah
  Data Address: 0040CE60h  Length: 001CA1A0h

Well, yes, I tend to agree with you, with that history, failed hardware is somewhat unlikely. I still think its worth your time to open it up and make sure everything is properly seated and wasn't jostled loose when you switch drives out. But you're probably right in that its not an outright hardware failure.

Well, you certainly came up with an interesting install procedure. Nominally, once you build the array, you can do the entire install directly from the CD - it'll even build the DOS partition and put a DR-DOS install on it.

That said, I like to build my own MS-DOS v6.22 (Redmond's best-ever product, once they stripped out the stuff they stole from Stac) DOS partition. But after that, I boot to the CD and let the NetWare installer do everything else (as opposed to booting to DOS, loading the CD-ROM drivers, and running the install from the CD).

I'm not sure why you copied stuff from the CD to the HDD and did the install from there. Its all designed to work from those CDs.

I really think that, once you make sure everything is seated and plugged properly, you should boot up into MS-DOS, make sure the CONFIG.SYS has nothing more in it than a FILES= statement, and that the AUTOEXEC.BAT does nothing more than set a PATH, perhaps a PROMPT, and then CDs to C:\NWSERVER and executes SERVER.

Once I made sure the DOS startup files did just those things, I'd blow away C:\NWSERVER (and all its subdirs - DELTREE works nicely) and any other NetWare-related subdirs (like C:\NWINST), and then run FDISK to get rid of the NetWare partition. I'd reboot (make sure the CD-ROM is set as the first boot device) with the NetWare v6.5 SP2 Overlay OS CD in the CD-ROM drive and re-do the installation. If you wanted, you could even skip killing the NetWare partition and just do a new server install and re-create just the SYS: Volume (leaving any other Volumes intact).

Since you're new to the NetWare world, some important tips:

1) NetWare v6.5 prefers NetWare Storage Services (NSS) to the older Traditional (FAT) Volumes. This is fine, NSS is MUCH faster when mounting Volumes and delivers good file service. However, inexperienced admins may make the mistake of not giving the SYS: Volume its own NSS Pool. Devices have Free Space, Free Space can be allocated to NSS Pools, Volumes are carved out of NSS Pools. The issue is that, by default, when a Volume is created in an NSS Pool, it is allowed to grow to the size of the pool. If SYS: is created in the same NSS pool as another Volume (say, DATA:) and the other Volume is not capped in terms of its growth, it is possible for SYS: to run out of space (if the other Volume takes up all the free space in the pool). This is a Very Bad Thing (tm) in the NetWare environment. If SYS: runs out of space, the Transaction Tracking System (TTS) will shut down, and TTS is crucial to maintaining integrity of the NDS database. At best, the server will choke, and you'll have to bring it up and clean out some space on the other Volume to grive SYS: room to grow. At worst, you'll corrupt the NDS database on the server and give yourself a mess to clean up (this is what happened to us where I work, where a previous admin - who no longer works here - had built a NetWare server as an NDS replication server, and where SYS: shared an NSS pool with other Volumes, and the other Volume were not limited in growth, and when they grew too large, SYS: was starved for space - fortunately, we are an NDS shop, and recovery of the corrupted NDS database was a little tedious, but the user population was never affected).

2) Do NOT allow users Write permissions on the SYS: Volume. Reserve the SYS: Volume for system software and administration tools. Create other Volumes and put user home directories, application softwares, databases, E-Mail, etc. etc. on those Volumes. You do not want users to have the ability to run the SYS: Volume out of space (see #1 above).

3) Since you're coming to NetWare from a Windoze/AD environment, you're in for some shocks:

a) You can repair the directory services databases ON THE FLY. There is no rebooting to a special "directory repair" mode. Simply load DSREPAIR at the console and away you go. At worst, you'll temporarily lock the NDS database, preventing users from authenticating during that window. Logged-in users will be unaffected.

b) You can have any server host an NDS database, or remove an NDS database from any server hosting one, pretty much at will. You do not have to rebuild the server to accomplish this.

c) You can assign both Directory Service rights AND File/Directory rights using objects other than Users and Groups. For example, instead of creating a Group called "Faculty" and using that to assign rights, if you have an OU in your NDS Tree called "Faculty", you can assign rights (rights to the NDS tree, or rights to a Volume/Directory/File) to that OU. EVERY USER OBJECT IN THE OU gets those rights. And if you move BobSmith's existing user object into that OU, Bob will get those rights AUTOMATICALLY (no intervention on your part, aside from moving his user object into the OU). And if later Bob's user object is moved out of the OU, he loses those rights, again AUTOMATICALLY.

d) Rights changes are dynamic. At most, the delay is as long as it takes to replicate thru the NDS tree. Thuse, users do NOT have to logout and log back in to get their new rights. If Sally needs permissions to read files in FACULTYSERVER/DATA:GRANTS\FEDERAL and she calls you, then when you grant them to her user object, the change is pretty much effective immediately. Sally will be able to access the files/directory without having to logout and log back in. The same applies to removing rights.

e) If a user has no rights in a sub-directory structure, then the user will be unable to even see that subdirectory structure. Going back to Sally, if she had read permissions in FACULTYSERVER/DATA:GRANTS\STATE but had no rights in FACULTYSERVER/DATA:GRANTS\FEDERAL, Sally would not even see that the "FEDERAL" subdirectory existed. As far as she would see, the only subdir in FACULTYSERVER/DATA:GRANTS would be "STATE" - the other one would be invisible. This is good for making sure Harold the Hacker in your freshman class has one less thing to stumble scross at 4am while his dorm buddies are sleeping off their drunken stupor.

f) The filesystem rights you can assign are MUCH more granular than you're used to. For example, you can give Bob Smith, the professor, the ability to grant rights in a subdirectory to other users, but he doesn't necessarily have total control of that subdirectory. Let's say that Bob puts class assignment resources in STUDENTSERVER/DATA:CLASSES\BOBSMITH\CSC111. You give Bob the "Access Control" right in that directory in addition to the other "normal" rights he gets, Bob can now, without your intervention, assign rights in that directory to other users, like Mary, who just added his class late.

4) You're going to find that, generally speaking, NetWare will consume less hardware, and need less maintenance, than a Windoze environment serving the same number of users and providing the same services. Expect that your hardware purchases will have a longer useful lifespan than you've been getting out of them, and that you spend less time providing care and feeding to the server environment. Once properly set up, It Just Runs.
Back to your ABEND, I note that your AFPTCP.NLM file is somewhat backdated. Have you looked at Novell TID #10091485 (
Novell TID #10094911 ( also offers similar advice, but looking at the ABEND details I'm not sure it matches yours. But updating the NLM is nevertheless a very good idea.
Those are about the only two time-apropos ABEND in AFPTCP.NLM TIDs that I'm finding. Anyone else seeing anything?
ColebertAuthor Commented:
just a quick note on the AFPTCP deal.  I found that too before i ever posted here.  i thought I updated it to the latest version yesterday.   haven't seen anymore abends from that, but the lockups still come.  i thought I'd post my last ABEND and see if anyone saw anything interesting.  

only other thing I can think of that I might have done is this:

before the array was all on one channel.  i got the brilliant idea to move two of the drives from channel one to channel two in order to help throughput.  obviously, i did this BEFORE creating the array, but now i'm beginning to wonder if maybe theres some problem with that channel two cable.  

when i blow the current OS away and start from scratch, i'll consolidate back to one channel again.
ColebertAuthor Commented:
i'm pretty sure i have all the hardware in right.  i've had the server on the floor guts all spilled out tinkering with it, changing card slots, reseating stuff, etc.  i started out with a GigE card, but thought it was bad, so i went to the intel dual port.  i wish i had a better raid card than the PERC, but its all I have now.  I'm honestly considering re-doing the whole thing, starting from the array level and working up.  

i'm still not entirely clear on how to slipstream SP2 into the OS files.  i get the initial install procedures, but I don't think i'm gonna be able to integrate the two without a little more guidance.

Hmmm....I think we have a fundamental disconnect on SP2.

If you download the files that I gave you pointers to above, the .ISO images are for the COMPLETE NetWare v6.5 with SP2 ALREADY OVERLAID. There is no need to "slipstream" anything. You do the install from those CDs and SP2 is already applied when you get done.
Just a thought, as I am not that familiar with Dell server hardware, but with Compaq there is a BIOS configuration option where you set the NOS and version.  This has caused us some issues in the past.  Might be worth checking if you previously had W2K installed on this hardware.

Also (if this hasn't already been posted) you should make sure your autoexec.bat file is not configured with a himem statement.
ColebertAuthor Commented:
ok, heres an update on my situation.

as i said before, i was running a RAID5 array of 4x36GB drives.  In order to increase throughput, I built the array across both channels of my PERC2/DC controller.  2 on one channel, 2 on the other.

as a last step before i was going to rebuilt and reformat, i consolidated all the drives back onto one chain.  

i've been almost 18 hours with uptime since the consolidation.  i've been copying the SP2 and GroupWise source files (unzipped) back and forth across the the network to the NetWare server without incident.  

Things are looking promising.  However, I have noticed my transfer rate has declined since the consolidation.  Before, I would get an estimate of 8-12 minutes to move the entire GroupWise source directory from my computer to the NetWare server.  Now i'm getting 18-24.   I'm gussing this is due to the troughput loss resulting from my consolidation onto one chain.

Anyone got any thoughts about this?  Also, got any good recommendations for a possible replacement RAID adapter?  My PowerEdge 1400 is 66MHz/32Bit PCI, so that rules out PCI-X.  My drives are Ultra160.   My budget is probably 150-200.  It doesn't have to be new.


ColebertAuthor Commented:
ok.  i'm closing this topic and awarding points.
Thanks for the points. I don't have any recommendations concerning RAID adapters. My main experiences have been witht he Compaq SmartSCSI line and the Dell PERC, and, well, you already know what I think of the Dell PERC. And the Compaq SmartSCSI is not an option for you.
All the PERC is ,is just a OEM Adaptec RAID controller.
There are other decent brands ,the only one that comes to mind is LSI Logic, for the simple reason that they tend to have better drivers for Novell.
Most of the newer Adaptec's(2100 series)  use something called an I2O driver, which Novell broke in some of their service packs.There was a workaround that involved creating a shutdown.ncf  file to unload the drivers so that the system would not hang on a down command.

Adaptec Novell drivers over the years have ranged from usable to s**t.

ColebertAuthor Commented:
this PERC is an LSI, i believe.  its a PERC2.  PERC3 and PERC4 went to adaptec.
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