Newbie Question: How much LAN traffic is "a lot"?

Dear Network Experts,

I have an application that transmits 40,000 bytes across a LAN when the end user hits Enter.  This is likely to happen a few dozen times a day.

Forgive me for asking such a dumb question, but is that a "trivial" amount of bandwidth usage?  Is that going to significantly impact anyone's network performance?

(Newbie) BrianMc1958  
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
It's trivial.  40,000 bytes = 360,000-400,000 bits (when you factor in packet overhead).  Your network, if it's your average 100 mbit network, supports 100,000,000 PER SECOND.  You're not even using 1% of it.  And if it only happens a few dozen times a day, even 100 times a day wouldn't fill the network for more than a second, cumulatively).

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Plus keep in mind that if you're using a switch, then the other users aren't even going to see that traffic - the only considation is the bandwidth between the computer and the server, and like leew said, its very very trivial.
it is not much at all.  it will not effect network performance in any noticable way.

don't worry
Let's put it this way...The page you are looking at right now takes more than 50,000 bytes.
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