Vlan 2621 cisco router and two 2900xl cisco switches

Hello fellow techs :-)

This config is for a hotel that has two buildings
building A has hotel rooms and office
building B has just hotel rooms

They would like to supply internet access to hotel rooms and kept the office secure
Internet is in Building A were pix, router and one switch is.
Building B has the other switch.

                                          | pix     |
                                           |router  |
                                          -----------                 ------------
                                          | switch1|-------------| switch2|
                                          ------------                 -----------
                                              |                               |
                                         -----------                    -----------
                                         | users  |                    | users   |
                                        ------------                   ------------
I have a cisco pix 501 with internal ip of
there is a cisco 2621 router behind the pix with outside ip of and a inside ip of
There is a cisco 2900xl switch behind router with ip of and the other switch has ip of
I would like to vlan this network into two vlans
I would like vlan 1 to be network and vlan 2 to be network
these vlans do not need to have access to each other.  The office does not need to access hotel rooms vlan and hotel rooms need no access to office.  There office is peer to peer not my network just contracted to do this.  So they do not have a dhcp server of any kind.  I would need the router to understand both vlans and hand out ip addresses according to port or vlan tag.  Right now I have a lab setup in this example and no vlans configured.  I can ping everything and get internet access.  I must now vlan the lab.  Not sure how.  Also I would have to trunk the link running from switch A to router so that it understands both vlans.  Any help would be appreciated.
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You need to trunk the line between the router and the switch, and also the connection between the two switches.  So your ethernet port on the switch is going to have an encapsulation statement added , and two subinterfaces .20 and .30, each with an IP address on their respective VLAN.  You can add ACLs to prevent traffic between the two subinterfaces.


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