Basic VPN Configuration for Linksys RV042 Router and Windows XP

We need to setup VPN with the RV042 and remote Windows XP clients, but Linksys provides no documentation on this.  :(

I have placed a screenshot of the RV042's VPN tunnel setup interface on our web server here:
I'm not sure if we should use "Tunnel" or "Group VPN" mode either.  I can post screenshots of the Group mode if that will help.

Our LAN is running Windows XP Pro workstations and Windows 2000 Server in workgroup mode.  Our subnet is

We want to be able to connect remote users running Windows XP with the Windows VPN client.    

Our security needs are very simple -- we want the simplest, most flexible authentication possible: hopefully, just  passphrase.

What I want are instructions on which values we need to set and how.

Donald Newlnads
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donaldnewlandsAuthor Commented:
Is this question too hard for 500 points?

-Donald Newlands
Tim HolmanCommented:
So this link didn't help then ?  ;)
donaldnewlandsAuthor Commented:

We tried it, but the router configuration screen they show is different than the RV042.  We can't find any documentation on this that is specific to the RV042 -- that's why I posted a link screen shot of the configuration page above.

Also, I've found mention of someone making the RV042 work with clients setup using the XP new connection wizard -- much, much simpler than the procedure on the Linksys page.

The configuration described on the linksys link also seems to assume that the client is not using NAT...   I have a feeling that NAT is the nub of my problem.   My cable router has VPN passthrough, but it doesn't offer any configuration.   I think that I've got all ports on the router open to this workstation.

If it makes it any easier, I can also use SSHSentinel 1.3.  

Would it be much simpler if I just bought a second RV042?


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Tim HolmanCommented:
So things look like this:

Office network
Linksys (VPN hub)
Cable router
Windows XP


Try adjusting the MTU on the client:

Also, instead of IP only, select 'Dynamic IP + email..' and somewhere there should be a setting under VPN saying 'Client to Gateway'.

NAT shouldn't be a problem - all modern equipment supports VPN passthrough.

Also, try Group 2, 3DES and SHA-1 for authentication.  I'm not too sure that the XP client will allow plain DES ?

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donaldnewlandsAuthor Commented:
No luck so far with any of these tricks. :(

I'm thinking now that our problem is the Actiontec DSL modem from Qwest we're using.  I wonder if, even in bridge mode it might be preventing IPsec data from coming in.  

Tim HolmanCommented:
Does it work if you use a standard dial-up connection instead ?
Tim HolmanCommented:
PS - was the diagram I put up correct ?
donaldnewlandsAuthor Commented:
Yes your diagram was correct.  

We're now having OK luck with a second Linksys here with the same setup as the one at the office.  

Getting it going involves repeatedly submitting "connect" at either router and it will drop the connection if nothing uses it for a few hours :(, but it works -- almost.  

I'm about to post a new question about why we can't see our Linux server across the VPN at all...

Thanks for your help!

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