oleobject.ConnectToNewObject("Outlook.Application") fails with a -3 return code

I am using the Outlook Redemption dll for my email application.  When I try to connect via the ConnectToNewObject("Outlook.Application"), I get a -3 return code.  I guess that this means that the object could not be created.  The code that I am using is:

      oleOutlook = create oleobject
      rc = oleOutlook.ConnectToNewObject("outlook.application")
      If rc = 0 Then
            oleNameSpace = oleOutlook.GetNameSpace("MAPI")
            oleNameSpace.Logon("", "", true, true)

            oleSafeMailItem = create oleobject
            rc = oleSafeMailItem.ConnectToNewObject("Redemption.SafeMailItem")

            If rc = 0 Then
                  oleTmp = create oleobject
                  oleTmp = oleOutlook.CreateItem(0)
                  oleSafeMailItem.Item = oleTmp
                  oleSafeMailItem.Subject = ls_subject

                  MessageBox("Mail Error", &
                           "Your email could not be sent.  Please contact IT.~r~n" + &
                           "The SafeMailItem  - ConnectToNewObject~r~n" + &
                           "failed with a return code of " + String(rc) + ".", &
                           StopSign!, &
            End If
            MessageBox("Mail Error", &
                     "Your email could not be sent.  Please contact IT.~r~n" + &
                     "The Outlook Application  - ConnectToNewObject~r~n" + &
                     "failed with a return code of " + String(rc) + ".", &
                     StopSign!, &
      End If

If I change the Outlook.Application with Word.Application, the connecttonewobject works fine.  I think that this may be a registry problem.  When I compare Outlook.Application to the Word.Application registry values, I do not see the key VersionIndependentProgID for Outlook.  I added it, but it still did not work.  I would like to get this fixed ASAP.

I am using PB10, Windows 2000, Outlook 2003 (Mail server is Exchange), and the latest Redemption dll.
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what is the return code if you use outlook.application.11 instead of outlook.application
     rc = oleOutlook.ConnectToNewObject("outlook.application.11")

you could've if
   if connecttonewobject(outlook.application) failure then
. I tested your code its working. Did you try this in some other machine ?

BooBoo2004Author Commented:
I changed it to outlook.application.11 and still get the same error.  I have not tried it on another machine as I am the only developer here.

ur code seems to be right... guess some error with the software not being compatible...

my first guess would be some issues with redemption dll.

what i would suggest is uninstall the redemption dll and try the code...

let me know for more assistance...


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