PC100 BXPRO boot up problem

OK here is the configuration:

PC100 BXPRO board
2 x 128MB 100mhz 168-pin SDRAM DIMM (Kingston KTC6611/128)
PII MMX Processor
Keyboard with AT connection
Master hard drive on IDE0
Master CDROM on IDE1

The BIOS is properly configured -- i.e., comp speed to 100mhz to match ram, s.m.a.r.t. enabled, quickboot disabled (just in case), floppy drive seek on, processor speed set to 400mhz -- ram volt jumpers set to 3.3v (default for this board & correct for RAM being used). - I have already reset the CMOS various times.

THE PROBLEM IS THIS: The system never seems to boot up without help. When booting up the system will hang after doing the RAM check & will just display "WAIT..." --- when I press a key on the keyboard it will proceed. However, if I am trying to install an OS such as Win 2000 or Win NT various keyboard keys will no longer register such as the enter key, & the F1, F2, etc... keys --> which are necessary for install.... PLEASE HELP - Thanks.
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Two things come to mind:

1.  Swap out keyboard.  Beg or borrow an AT connector kybd or use a PS/2 to AT adapter with a PS/2 kybd.  Don't try USB.  Problem could be a flaky keyboard.

2.  Flash BIOS with latest version.

These are a couple of cheap and fairly easy things to eliminate.

TEKGOD666Author Commented:
Well I already flashed the BIOS several times so that's not it.

The board doesn't have a PS/2 port, just a bunch of optional serial connections all along the board.

I COULD get a PS/2 card for the board but...

Do you really think it could be the keyboard? The problem seems to be in the boot up process --- the BIOS doesn't seem to boot up without me having to force it too by pressing a key on the keyboard.
By adapter, I mean a $1.50 adapter that converts PS/2 plug to AT plug.  Proper terminology is mini DIN 5 F and mini DIN 6 M adapter.

Keyboard scan codes may be erratic.  POST can hesitate or stop based on keyboard.
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Open up the keyboard and clean it (you can wash it with normal water). Wait till it has COMPLETELY dried. Put it back together and try it again.

You could also replace the cmos battery, but your real problem will be the keyboard.

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TEKGOD666Author Commented:
The adapter didn't work. But you're right it has something to do with the keyboard. When I unplug the keyboard after the BIOS beep the bootup sequence goes smooth as usual but once its plugged back in it acts up again.

One last question - would you recommend another AT keyboard? Or say a serial connection keyboard or a PS/2 card with a PS/2 keyboard? Or a USB keyboard since I have a atx form card with this board?
Get a keyboard with ps2 connector (AT Keyboards will be rather hard to get) and use an adapter to connect it to the AT connection.
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