Can I install Solaris 9 for Intel without a Window system

Hi I'm a Solaris newbie

I'm attempting to install Solaris 9 for Intel from free download burned on CD in a VMware virtual drive.  I'll seemed OK during through Software 1, Software 2, and then skipped JSE (as it was not on the free disks).

But I cannot get kdmconfig to recognise my Keyboard/Mouse combination and then start a Window System.   The console prompt appears, but jumps straight to a wait for Desktop Login window banner and then hangs starting the standard VGA graphics driver.  These are the options:

Video Device: XF86-VESA VESA-compatible video card
Monitor Type: MultiFrequency 56kHz (up to 1280x1024 interlaced)
Keyboard Type: Unknown (*** Generic UK-English/Generic US-English don't work ****)
Pointing Device: Generic USB Mouse (3 Button)

Is it possible loose the windowing system completely for now so I can get a console login and work on installing new drivers (if required) from there?

Any help much appreciated.


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   You mean boot Solaris without load X-window?

   For Solaris x86, during the boot up, it will prompt you for some options, press "Enter"
will boot into run level 3 (X-window). You can type "b -s" to boot into single user mode.
That's console terminal.

  However, your problem is with VMware, you might want to check VMware website for
some information:


Just curious - why not try Solaris 10 as a Guest OS ?  Solaris 10 comes with VMware graphics drivers.  Not sure about Solaris 9. I have Sol10 installed as a Guest OS under Linux and it works great.

  From the link I post, it mentioned about press F4 to skip the configuration of X server.
If you following the instruction carefully, then you should be no problem to set i up.

  I tried it and worked for me.


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melcockAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all you help, I have now acquired a V100 for home use.  So no more Solaris for Intel.
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