Connect to two different databases fails

I have a problem connecting to two mssql databases in one php script.
- I made two different include file to connect to the two db's
- in the php script I include both files
- my first select statement look as follows:

$msquery1 = "SELECT Dateiname FROM database1.dbo.table";
$msquery1 .= "WHERE AuftragNr = '$jobNr'";
$msresult1 = mssql_db_query($msquery1,$link1);
while ($mszeile1=mssql_fetch_array($msresult1))
echo "<td>$mszeile1[Dateiname]</td>";
mssql_close ($link1);

- the second select statement in the same file:

$msquery = "SELECT AdrName FROM database2.dbo.table";
$msquery .= "WHERE AuftragNr = '$AuftragNr'";
$msresult = mssql_db_query($msquery,$link);
while ($mszeile=mssql_fetch_array($msresult))
echo "<td>$mszeile[AdrName]</td>";
mssql_close ($link);

I am totally stuck - when I take one select statement out and run the other one separately I get the field contents I ask for. I have no idea where I go the wrong way.

Thanks very much in advance.
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Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
I would recommend using

mssql_select_db($sDBName, $rConnection);

prior to the mssql_query() calls.

Try this first.


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Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Did you cut and paste the code?

There is no PHP method mssql_db_query.

This is the list from the manual ...

mssql_bind --  Adds a parameter to a stored procedure or a remote stored procedure
mssql_close -- Close MS SQL Server connection
mssql_connect -- Open MS SQL server connection
mssql_data_seek -- Moves internal row pointer
mssql_execute --  Executes a stored procedure on a MS SQL server database
mssql_fetch_array --  Fetch a result row as an associative array, a numeric array, or both
mssql_fetch_assoc --  Returns an associative array of the current row in the result set specified by result_id
mssql_fetch_batch --  Returns the next batch of records
mssql_fetch_field -- Get field information
mssql_fetch_object -- Fetch row as object
mssql_fetch_row -- Get row as enumerated array
mssql_field_length -- Get the length of a field
mssql_field_name -- Get the name of a field
mssql_field_seek -- Seeks to the specified field offset
mssql_field_type -- Gets the type of a field
mssql_free_result -- Free result memory
mssql_free_statement -- Free statement memory
mssql_get_last_message --  Returns the last message from the server
mssql_guid_string --  Converts a 16 byte binary GUID to a string
mssql_init --  Initializes a stored procedure or a remote stored procedure
mssql_min_error_severity -- Sets the lower error severity
mssql_min_message_severity -- Sets the lower message severity
mssql_next_result -- Move the internal result pointer to the next result
mssql_num_fields -- Gets the number of fields in result
mssql_num_rows -- Gets the number of rows in result
mssql_pconnect -- Open persistent MS SQL connection
mssql_query -- Send MS SQL query
mssql_result -- Get result data
mssql_rows_affected --  Returns the number of records affected by the query
mssql_select_db -- Select MS SQL database

MarionKiAuthor Commented:
The wrong php method was copied from an earlier trial by mistake - but I took up your first suggestion and established the connection with each database directly before the select statement skipping the include files - and this at least now gives me a connection with both databases and gets me going again.
Thanks very much.
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