How do I make Lines have an opacity of 100%

I have searched high and low for the answer to this.  Everybody must know it but me.  I am using the Line Tool to try to draw a 1 px wide black (#000000) line.  That worked fine, except that it is either anti-aliasing or doesn't have an opacity of 100% and is coming out dark grey.  If I draw a black line over it again, it gets darker, but is still not black.  The Line tool is not one of those tools that has an opacity setting at the top, like some others.

Can someone tell me what is going on and how to do this?

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the lines option window gives you the choice of turning off antialiasing.
you can also use the pencil tool to draw aliased lines.

click on the start point of your line, hold down the shift key as you drag the mouse, go to the end point and let go of the mouse button and the shift key.

this will give you a clean 1px line with no antialias.
hope this helps!

GJanuszAuthor Commented:
I should have mentioned that I am using Photoshop CS on Windows XP.

I can not find any "lines option windows" after sifting through the choices under the Window menu bar item.  The only line-related options I can find are under the menu bar at the top (e.g., line weight, style, color, etc.).  There is no "Anti-aliased" checkbox there like there is for the Polygonal Lasso Tool.

I can (usually) use the pencil to draw pixels of the correct color, but that's a rather time comsuming way to draw long lines.

i'll check when i get home ....
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after drawing the line(s)  convert it to shape (or layer)
From Layer --> Rasterize --> Layer

after that you can play with it's opacity

GJanuszAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the posts.  Since you (nurbek) focused on opacity, I realize that it is not an opacity problem.  It is an ani-aliasing problem, because my 1 px line is altering the pixels around it.  I assume the "black" is not #000000 because it is being anti-aliased with the other colors underneath.

ok then
when you select line tool
there is a "Fill Pixels" third button from the left corner (they are as boxes)
"File     Edit   Image  Layer ..." (First row)
" ....                        Fill Pixel Box " (Second row, below the Layer)

when you press the fill pixels you will see anti-aliased , on the same row at the right, uncheck it
now you will be able to draw without shadows

hope you to understand my writing :)


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GJanuszAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you!  I gave some points to daniel because he gave a correct answer.  It just didn't have enough detail to enable me to find the proper menu.
thanks for the points!

in ps cs: when you select the line tool, the menu just under the top menu bar changes

the second group of options starting from the left: shape layers [a square with vertices], path [a square with vertices and a pen inside of it], fill pixels [a square without vertices].
select 'fill pixels'
the options to the right of it  are now=> weight: [] | mode:normal  opacity:100% | [] anti-aliased

make sure that anti-aliased is not selected.

hope this helps !

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