Yes/No Answer directing flow direction of Work/Emails

How would you go about this.

When a form is opened there is a visible Submit Release action button.

When the button is pushed the following actions should take place.

Question to user - Is this for Project A or Project B? - that value will then populate a computed field on the form called CodeType (this can happen after the form or dialog box closes)

Question to user - Does this need approved by managment? - Yes or No

if yes a email is sent out to a manager - this email subject and message is differnt is no is selected.
if no a email is sent to a project team telling them they have work to do.  this email subject and message is differnt if yes is selected.

I have used Dialog boxes to get comments from users, but never yes or no questions with more than one question.  So I am thinking LotusScript with a form created with the 2 questions.  But I am not sure how to get the value from the form and then seperate the emails depending on the value.

Is LotusScript the best way to do this?  If so could someone so my a sample on how to split the emails depending on the value of a field.

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JaziarAuthor Commented:
Here is some LotusScript I have used in another form, if it makes it easier to use this as a sample

Sub Click(Source As Button)
      On Error Goto jaziar
      Dim session As New NotesSession
      Dim uiDoc As notesUiDocument
      Dim doc As NotesDocument, dialog As NotesDocument
      Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
      Dim s As New NotesSession
      Dim db As NotesDatabase
      Set db = session.CUrrentDatabase
      Set dialog = db.CreateDocument
      Set uiDoc = ws.currentDocument    
      flag = ws.DialogBox( "Comm", 1,1, 0, 0, 0, 0, "Comment", dialog)
      If Not flag Then Exit Sub
      Dim comment As String
      Dim recipient As Variant    
      comment = dialog.NoEmailComment(0)
      Set uidoc = ws.currentDocument
      Dim Discussion As String
      Dim history As NotesItem
      Set history = uidoc.document.getfirstitem( "Discussion" )
      If history Is Nothing Then
            Set history = uidoc.document.replaceitemvalue( "Discussion" , Now & " From " & s.commonuserName & Chr$(13) )
            history.AppendToTextList Now & " From " & s.commonuserName & Chr$(13)
      End If
      history.AppendToTextList "------------------------------------------------------" & Chr$(13)
      history.AppendToTextList COMMENT & Chr$(13)
      history.AppendToTextList "======================================================" & Chr$(13)
' save it in the backend, but update changes
      Call uidoc.reload()
      Exit Sub
      Msgbox "Error occurred on line number " & Erl & " error is " & Error
      Exit Sub
End Sub
LS is the option to go..

Create the form and call it using dialogbox function.. this will return the data back to the form (depends on Update flag and new field flag) and depending on the field value you can perform the action

Somethign like this:

In global options put this :

%INCLUDE "lsconst.lss"

      Dim boxType As Long, answer As Integer
      answer% = Messagebox("Does this needs to be approved by management?", boxType&, _

if answer%=6 then
set maildoc = db.createdocument
maildoc.subject = "approval needed from manager"
maildoc.subject="your first subject"
maildoc.send false
set maildoc = db.createdocument
maildoc.subject = "Project team"
maildoc.sendto="<your project team members>"
maildoc.subject="your second subject subject"
maildoc.send false
end if
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JaziarAuthor Commented:
It is late in the day here - I will try this first thing in the morning

Thanks for the quick input
Andrea ErcolinoCommented:
put the following action in your button:

choice1 := @Prompt( [OkCancelList]; "Submit Release (step 1/2)"; "What project?"; ""; "Project A":"Project B" );
@If( choice1 = ""; @Return( "" ); "" );
choice2 := @Prompt( [YesNoCancel]; "Submit Release (step 2/2)"; "Need management approval?" );
@If( choice2 = -1; @Return( "" ); "" );

managerSendTo := "fill here";
managerSubjectYes := "fill here";
managerSubjectNo := "fill here";
managerMessageYes := "fill here";
managerMessageNo := "fill here";

teamSendTo := "fill here";
teamSubjectYes := "fill here";
teamSubjectNo := "fill here";
teamMessageYes := "fill here";
teamMessageNo := "fill here";

      choice2 = @Yes; @Do(
            @MailSend( managerSendTo; ""; ""; managerSubjectYes; managerMessageYes; "" );
            @MailSend( teamSendTo; ""; ""; teamSubjectYes; teamMessageYes; "" )
      choice2 = @No; @Do(
            @MailSend( managerSendTo; ""; ""; managerSubjectNo; managerMessageNo; "" );
            @MailSend( teamSendTo; ""; ""; teamSubjectNo; teamMessageNo; "" )

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Andrea ErcolinoCommented:
it's true... here is 22:25... and for you?
am in D.C...

Andrea ErcolinoCommented:
D.C. = District of Columbia?
JaziarAuthor Commented:
Been out of office.  I am back today and working on the problem.
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