Connecting Mac OS 10 to a Netware Server

I have a mixed environment of windows and mac's they both connect to a netware 6.0 file server w/sp3. The windows machines and the mac machines os9 or below connect fine the mac's with os10 do not. I really need some help please.
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There really isn't enough information in your question to get you a reliable answer.

How are you trying to connect to the netware server from the OS X Macintoshes?
How are the OS 9 Macs connecting? Are you using AFP? Prosoft client?
What version of OS X are you using?
What exactly happens when you try to connect? Do you get an error message? Can you see the server in your appletalk zone? Can you ping the Netware server from your mac? Can the OS 9 and OS X Macs see each other?
Indeed not enough info to comment on this one. I'm working in a Win/Netware setup myself and I managed to connect without much problems to the Win/Netware servers. But we need more input on this one.
s326bAuthor Commented:
Ok the OS 9 and below machines are using the prosoft client the OS 10 machine is using AFP we were told with Netware 6 a client was not needed.
The MAC's are a mixed OS environment 8.9 and 10.
the OS 10 machines can ping the Netware server and the MAC's can see each other.
When trying to connect from a OS 10 machine we receive this error" the username or password is incorrect". If I go to a OS 9 machine and use the same  username and password works fine.
It sounds like you have AFP running on your server already, but have not created Simple Passwords for the Mac users. To log into your Netware server via AFP, you must set a "Simple Password" for each Mac user. You can do this manually in ConsoleOne. Locate the user in question, click on the Login Methods tab and choose Simple Password. Set the Simple Password, then go to the Macintosh, choose Go|Connect To Server and enter the server address to connect to. Enter the username and the Simple Password, and you should see your shared network resources. The Simple Password can be the same as the NDS password, though it can't be more than 8 characters long.

With the Prosoft client, the Mac logs into Netware using Novell's networking protocol, basically pretending to be a Windows computer. With AFP Native File Access, the Netware server pretends to be a Macintosh server instead, so no separate client is needed.

You can set it up so your Mac users syncronize their Simple and NDS passwords automatically, and allow large numbers of users to create simple passwords automatically, but you need to understand the security implications of this, so please consult the Native File Access documentation for more information.

On a related note, I have found the OS 9 ProSoft client to be unreliable and dangerous for long-term use. It has known issues with a variety of popular Mac applications, including many Adobe programs and MS Office for Mac, and in my personal experience it has caused file corruption on many occasions with no warning. It has also caused a lot of arbitrary system errors and freezes. My suggestion would be to switch all Macintosh users over to Novell AFP. You lose a few client services, but you gain much more in stability and reliability.

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