How to use Ghost 9 to backup whole hard disk?

Hi all experts,

I need to create Ghost backup image for the company's Win 98 computers.  

How about using Ghost 2000?
How about using Ghost 9?

1.  How to create a  boot up disk (CD/Floppy) for Ghost to boot up?
2.  How to make an image for the whole hard disk - when the system down, I can insert the boot disk to boot up the computer and insert the image CDs to recover?

I'm a novice.  Pls teach me step by step ^_^.
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paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
You can go through following link, and related links :

There are numerous articles at above site to help you :)
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Sohel RanaCommented:
How to use Ghost to backup your hard drive: <--- good one step by step tutorial

How to create image with Norton Ghost :

Hard disk tutorial with tips :


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jesshonAuthor Commented:
I tried today, but I use the GHOST 9 Boot Disk to boot up the computer.  And I click Advance Recovery, System Restore, It said"Please insert recovery media and click Retry"  But my backup disk is in the drive already...
Going from Ghost 8 corportate edition but should be the same.

If you install Ghost 9 on a machine somewhere you should see an application that will allow you to make a boot disk.  Then you can use that boot disk to start the machine you want to image.  When in Ghost select whole disk and then you need a location to send the image.  You can't use the same hard drive that you are imaging.  Either a CDRW or another Hard Drive.  You can add in Network Drivers to your boot disk to image the disk over the LAN.  If so check out:


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>"I tried today, but I use the GHOST 9 Boot Disk to boot up the computer.  And I click Advance Recovery,
System Restore, It said"Please insert recovery media and click Retry"  But my backup disk is in the drive

Someone is experiencing the same problem as you are... take a look at this thread:

It is still open :-/ There may be useful info anyway
Btw, to make an exact copy of one HDD onto another HDD, you can alternatively use Partition Magic and copy partitions. Quite usefull for back-ups, upgrades of HDD, etc. Lately, I managed to upgrade from 100GB HDD to 160GB HDD using PM 8.0 with no problems.

Ghost is a tricky program to set-up.

The first thing I need to know is: are all windows 98 machines running the same network card.

When I've set-up Ghost (this could be the longway round) it's easier if all machines have the same network card. Once you found out what type of network card it is, you can start creating your boot-disk. You'll need a packet driver or Dos driver to create this boot-disk - have a look at this web site for a list of network cards / driver for Dos / Packet.  


Download the driver (Dos / NDIS / Packet) and then add a new driver in the boot-disk wizard. Browse to your new downloaded driver and select the file. The wizard should then run through various steps to complete your boot-disk.

Put this disk into one of the machines and wait till it boots. You should see a blue screen in front of you. You should have installed Ghost console on a server - this is how you communicate between the client and console.

Depending on the size of the clients HD, you'll need at least 4-5 Gig for a full C:\ image. To dump the C: - you'll need to specify a location (Server) and then select if you want a partition dump or full dump. Follow the on-screen prompts.

Hope that helps - this is way I implemented it - it was only for a small company.



First off great job in  setting up ghost. I realy liked what Ben had to say about using ghost to store images in a centralized location. I have used ghost for about three years and really enjoy the program.

Now my comment is to add to what Ben said. I have used the ghost cast server to create and deploy images. The method of connecting is similar to drive mapping. In the next steps I will try to walk you though it.

Part 1
 Open ghost boot wizard and select “Network boot disk” for support with ghost casting.  Choose your network card as you normally would; select your boot of choice MS Dos or PC dos. I just use the pc dos for simplicity sake. Press the next button six more times and you ghost cast boot disk will be created (2 disks).

Open you ghost cast server. In the session name type “test”. Choose to restore or create an image. If you are restoring a previously created image browse to where the image is stored. If you are creating an image browse to where you want the image to be stored. Name the image “something.gho”. Select “Accept clients”.

Part 3
Go to the computer you want to image or have imaged. Boot it up with the previously created boot disk. When it comes to the ghost screen where you can choose what you are going to do. Select ghost cast and multicast. In the session name type “test”. Now it will connect to your ghost cast server. If you are creating an image it will auto start. If you are imaging to that computer you will have to go back to the ghost cast server and press “send”. At this point you should see the image being pushed or pulled.

Well this should get you on you way. So far with ghost it has helped me image over 800 machines, what a time saver!!!!!!!!!!!!

when you image the hard disk directly to cd-r or dvd-r ,the first cd/dvd-r is automatically bootable. Then when recovering, ghost with prompt you to insert the next cd.dvd-r in the sequence. hope this helps....
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