Cannot access the internet...

Hi all experts,

My computer has a workgroup that consists of Windows 98 computers.  They use DHCP to get the IP address.  Recently, I reinstall one of the computer Win 98 and all the applications.  I configured the Network card correctly.  But sometimes it can access the internet and sometimes it cannot.  I go to command prompt and type ipconfig/all.  I discover that when it can access the internet, the IP address is normal, like 192.168.0.X with mask  But when I cannot connect to the internet, I checked the ipconfig/all, the IP address is with mask  But both address is assigned by the DHCP server.

I also tried to set a fixed IP address like and mask  I think it can talk to the Workgroup.  But it can't.

How can I discover what is the problem?  Sometimes I restart/reinstall, it can access the internet again and sometimes suddenly it can't.  

I tried ipconfig/release_all and ipconfig/renew_all too.  Sometimes, it shows it can't find the DHCP server.

Anyone can give me some idea what's going on?

Thanks for all replies.
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First try a new cable throughout the path to the switch or hub, if that doesn't fix it then try a different port in the switch or hub, if that doesn't fix it try a new network card.
The second address (with no access to internet) is probably:

169.254.x.x ? Well this is a hardcoded address that DHCP client assigns to a NIC in case it was not able to obtain an IP from a DHCP server. This is the reason.

So its either bad connectivity or your DHCP address has no free IPs left in the scope (IP pool).

So it can be a connectivity problem (when it says that DHCP is not available).

For that I would check that you don't have duplicate addresses/names on the network, check Cable (link - sometimes it down, hence impossible to get a DHCP IP).


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the 169.x.x.x.x address is a "private" ip address assigned by Windows when an IP address is not recieved by the router (or whatever you have as a DHCP server).

I have had this issue before and have resolved it by spending many hours removing TCP/IP protocols, reinstalling it, etc... etc..

A simpler solution is to format the drive and reinstall the OS.  Trust me.. it will be MUCH quicker.

If this was a new problem (on a system that was working fine for a while) I'd suggest a System Restore..  however this isn't even an option because your running Win98

Format and try again.
The difference is his works on and off...if it consistantly doesn't work and appears to be some winsock corruption then a format is suggested for win98, but I think this is something simpler.

If you can test a working machine on the same spot as the faulty machine and see if the same issues appear.
when it doesn't work, does the link light iluminate? check the NIC and the router for lights that show at least a physical connection (although if lit it may not mean a good connection, if unlit it means there is no connection)
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