Linksys router requires reset once a week

I work with small business network that uses a 4 port Linksys router as a base that feeds into a 16 port linksys switch.  The router has the newest firmware loaded on it.

The network works well, but for the past two months it will require a hard reset every week.  What is really strange is that it always seems to "crash" monday night.  I deduce this because the network works fine all of Monday, and on Tuesday morning it will not work at all!

Simply unplugging the router, letting it sit for a few minutes, then plugging it back in does NOT fix it.  I have to hit the reset button on the back of the router every time (a short press, not the long hold for a reset to defaults)

After that it will work great for 1 week, and again on Tuesday morning, i have to reset it.

I don't know if this is a coincidence, but its happened this way for about 7-8 weeks in a row so i doubt it.  

There is nothing scheduled that happens on Monday night... our server backup happens on Saturdays.  Most of the time, there is no one in the office from the time it is last checked on monday night, and when its down tuesday morning.

Any ideas?  I'm pretty good at networking issues, but this one has me stumped.

Another question is why a router would require a reset in the first place?  does it lock up like a pc or something?
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Router can lock up - its just a piece of program running on a hardware, so it can be stuck/crashed, etc.

Why do you do hard reset? What are the symptoms/problems you are experiencing? May be its not a router's fault at all...
Are machines set to do windows updates automatically on Monday nights?
Something you could try to narrow things down is to do a reset on, say, thursday.  If the router continues to function until the next thuirsday, then the router just has problems with being up for a week.  This seems unlikely, as it is _exactly_ a week, but might be worth checking.  

Also, any enviromental factors that could be contributing, like HVAC being turned off for the weekend, and turned back on monday morning (causing a surge, leading to a lock up)?
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cyrusunccAuthor Commented:
muhalok:  the network is 100% non-functional.  I cannot access the internet, i cannot login to our domain, I cannot ping any other computer, and I don't recieve an IP address from the router.

OnsiteComputerMedics: no, Windows update is set to automatically download updates, and notify before the install.  They do not all download at the same time (i'm assuming).

hmcmowt:  The router reset on Thursday it a great idea!  As far an environmental factors.. i don't believe they have an HVAC.  The office i visit a converted old house... and they have Window AC Units.

However, i do remember them telling me that they have some electrical issues.  Some of the plugs will work sometimes and not work other times.  The server was put on a UPS because it would sometimes lose power (if say the AC was on for too long)  The wiring closet's power, however has never been an issue... but its got me thinking....  The power issues might cause power fluctuations that may have damaged the router.. but if it was damaged it still doesn't answer why it would lock up 1 time a week.

Windows updates do download most likely at the same time if set at the default settings, but highly doubt M$ has had at least one download for the past 8 weeks.

Can you plug the router into the UPS?  If it's one port UPS run a power strip from it.

you can try downloading latest firmware from linksys.
His first sentence reads:  "I work with small business network that uses a 4 port Linksys router as a base that feeds into a 16 port linksys switch.  The router has the newest firmware loaded on it."
Definitely put the router, the switch, and any other network equipment, on the UPS if you can.  Or at least a powerstip on the UPS.  An old house with bad wiring can play havoc with electronics.  A surge can permanently damage electronics, but that doesn't sound like that has happened.  If a surge had already fried the router, I would expect it to be failing much more intermittantly than exactly once every week, at the same time.  

I assume that the router is attached to a DSL / cable modem, something like that?  And if that's fine, and the switch is fine, but the router is getting locked up, it doesn't seem too likely that it's a network event causing this, unless it's something that specifically exploits a flaw that exists only on the router.  With the latest firmware, that also seems unlikely.

Unless there's a bug in the latest / "greatest" firmware.  When was that upgraded?  Any other changes to the network that happened around the time that this started happing?

Failing that, I think that we're looking for some sort of power event that is happening routinely on monday night / tuesday morning.  HVAC, laundry night, somebody cooking microwave popcorn for Monday night football...  some sort of high amperage appliance kicking on or off, causing a surge / dip in power.
cyrusunccAuthor Commented:
i'll have to try a seperate UPS because the server is not located anywhere near the wiring closet (around 30 feet away) and since i don't have an extra one i'll have to convice the guys to get one.

The firmware was upgraded a few months before this started happening. so i doubt it was the cause of this. I suppose i could try to flash the older firmware back on the router.

if it was intermittantly failing, i'd simply toss the router and get a new one.. but the fact that it fails at the same time every week has me puzzled.

I'm going to investage a little more into this power issue.. i dont' believe that its any particular appliance because this is a converted house (no one lives there).  It works monday night before everyone leaves, and on tuesday it doesn't work.

Granted, the switch may also be failing as all the clients conect directly to the switch (and not the router).  The only thing the router connects to is the dsl modem and the switch.  However, if it was just the switch, a powering off should fix the problem, but it always requires the "soft" reset of the router.

I may try swapping the router with an extra one i have and see if it has the same problem.

Thanks for all the ideas guys.  I've got a few things i'm going to try and i'll report back Tuesday with the results!  

Of course any additional feedback is welcomed :)
cyrusunccAuthor Commented:
oh yeah, i forgot one more piece of information.  I doubt this will have much bearing, but i have replaced part of the network recently (a few weeks after the problem started).

One of the lines feeds from the wiring closet to a room with a 4 port switch.  I had to replace that switch because it died.
It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that the other switch died due to a power surge.  Old house, old wiring, you have no idea what the power coming in there might be doing.  Or if it's grounded properly, etc.

If it were me, I'd try to get every computer, switch, router, etc in the building on a UPS, not so much for the battery backup as for power conditioning.  Low end ones like this:

can be had for $40 or less.  May be worth it in the long run.

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Run network monitor on a machine tonight to see if there is any crazy network crap going on.
cyrusunccAuthor Commented:
dunno what worked, but it hasn't done it for the past two weeks now.

i didn't put any of the equipment on UPS or reset the router.. i acutally didn't have time to do any of this, but the problem hasn't happened again..

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