Still having trouble with folder redirection...

I posted a question a while ago, and I am still having trouble with it... Basically i want to set up folder direction by group (as in everybody in the business staff would share the same desktop & my documents, etc.) I assigned everybody to a group based on their staff. I went in to gpmc.msc, and created two more gpo's, each covers about half of the users (i created two gpos just to make it easier to manage, because it is for two completely separate divisions). I went to folder redirection, and entered all of the information in to the my documents and desktop properties (i set it up in the advanced-locations for various user groups) and to my knowledge, everything is set up correctly...however, when users log on, it still creates a local profile with local documents for them...I know they have access to their specific's something with the group policy i'm doing wrong and i just can't figure it out...

General info: running windows server 2003 as a dc, active directory is organized into ou's if this would have any affect with the group policies. Also, what are the links in gpmc? thank you very much! -adam
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ajschwAuthor Commented:
okay, i think i figured it out...can any of you confirm this? With redirecting folders, even if it is by group, the user group must be the owner...It seems to be working that way on my test server at home, i'll try this tomorrow there to see if that fixes it...Is that correct though? -adam
Normally it would be done by OU only. THe Users would need to be in the OU the GPO is on.

But, if they crossed OU's, and you wanted it to apply by group, you would add the GPO to both OU's or at a common level, then assign only the required group to have the "apply group policy" option under the GPO Security tab.


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ajschwAuthor Commented:
would it be okay to just put the gpos on the domain level? with folder redirection, it only applies to the groups you specify it in anyway, i may be wrong...

thanks adam
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If you put it at the domain level it will be processed each and every time a user connects a machine to the network, no matter where they are. Setting it on a downlevel OU will save a few cycles. Turning off the machine policy will save a few more cycles.

Why do you think that the redirection only applies to groups? The only way to make policy apply to groups only is with the permission as described above.

ajschwAuthor Commented:
sorry i wasn't too clear...for the folder redirection, in the actual settings for it, i set it up by group (business staff shares the same docs & desktop, etc.)...and those are the only policies defined in that gpo...Originally, i put the gpo in the ou that is applies to, but after it wasn't working, i just put everything at the domain level to see if it made a difference, which it didn't...I'm going to see tomorrow, but i'm pretty sure the reason i'm having problems is the user groups that have the folder redirection aren't set as the owners...which from what I've read today, i guess they need to be for folder redirection to work...(i knew that with roaming profiles, which i have set up before...just didn't think of it before)

thanks again for your help...just to make sure, if everything else is set correctly, is that probably the reason why the folder redirection doesn't work? (ownership)

once again, thank you! -adam
ajschwAuthor Commented:
Okay, fixed the problem...I didn't have the location where all of the documents were mapped to on the local computers. Once I created that login script and added it to their group policy, it worked perfectly...(Except for when it suddenly stops working and none of the group policies apply and you reboot the server and it works again...)

Thanks again for your help. If anybody can confirm that would be the reason that it wouldn't work, i'll accept that answer...

thank you, adam
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