How can I inherit controls form forms Compact Framework

I am trying to create a multi-form app in c# for my pocket pc. I want to make one form as an template then have other forms inherit controls without having to re-create those controls in memory?
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Offcourse this cannot be done... Inhereting from a form, fine... Yes that will work fine, but for each form those controls will be recreated in memory... Remember the .NET framework handles all your pointers and refferences 4 you (unless you are writing unsafe code). Now if the control was a pointer on the child forms it would not be recreated in memory.. But you would have the following problem: when you enter text in one form into a textbox it will change the text of that textbox on all the forms. Luckely this does not happen thanks to the fact that the control is recreated.

If you mean you would like to make your application self smaller on (Pocket PC memory) then yes, go ahead and inherit from a baseform with some controls. This works fine and yes it does save some physical space (not as much as you would think though)...

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To inherit controls: do the following:

Create a form with all the controls you would like to inherit lets call it BaseForm...

Next create the form you would like to have the inherited controls and change the following line:
public class Form1 : System.Windows.Forms.Form


public class NewForm : BaseForm
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