I give you specs, you give me best price you can find.

I just hired a new web programmer onto the team.  I am building him a system. Here is what it needs to be:

Processor:  P4 2.4 GHZ 800mhz  (Socket 478 I think)

Motherboard:  I want a good motherboard with at least 3 Dimm slots.  3 or more PCI. 1 AGP. Onboard LAN and Sound. With or without SATA or raid. I need a  reputable brand (Asus is my fav.)  

Memory:  1 GB  PC3200 (DDR400)  I don't care if its one or two sticks.

Hard Drive: 120 GB 7200 IDE

Video card:  AGP, 128mb, dual monitor. With or without DVI, doesn't matter.

Case: I don't care what it looks like, but it needs a 420 watt supply.

Else: I don't need a floppy, or optical drives,  but include a couple case fans.  No OS needed.

The best price for all of this I found was $613.  Not a bad price but seeing if you experts can do better.

I will award points to the person who returns the best results.  I don't care if the parts are from diferent sources, but I will only buy from reputable businesses (no ebay, or geocities stores if you know what I mean)  Also NO REFURBS.

Thanks guys.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You're making a mistake.  Not considering ebay sellers with high numbers of feedback.  I've bought from supposedly reputable vendors and had bad experiences.  I've also bought from a lot of ebay vendors and only had one bad experience - which I blame myself for as the vendor had a 5% bad feedback rating (100%-95% positive).  That said, Have you priced things out a pricewatch?  Cheapest prices you'll find I think.  But half the vendors I wouldn't trust.  Best bet, Newegg.com if you ask me.


I saw a nice kit on there a while back, great spec, cheap as chips, but you had to put it together yourself, might be worth a look
www.crocodeals.com keeps tabs on Online rebates & coupons.

Dell coupon 6W300 - 4d30w4


Dimension 3000 fully integrated, all the work is done just upgrade the RAM to your specs and your good to go 499 - 100 mail in rebate.
Actualy get the poweredge SC420 for 399 minus a rebate and then install windows XP ; )

go to Dell's website and enter coupon code 6W300 - sc420sapp

you should browse the site and pick the most relevant system for you if applicable.


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