Redirect print Jobs off a AIX application sent to a networked printer to a local windows printer

I am running a RISC 6000 server with AIX on it  in a Windows 2000/XP network. From the application running on the AIX server one can only print to a networked printer(one installed on a JetDirect box in this case). From my Workstation I open a Telnet session to access the application on the AIX server but I cannot print locally I have to print to a networked printer as I already explained.

There are several users printing that way, how can I redirect just my print jobs to my local windows printer?


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You need to buy CIFS package for AIX to print to windows printers.

Other way is installing LPD service on NT
and then create another printer in AIX
and point it to that LPD
then set variable LPDEST to name of that printer in your session
and it will work the way you expect

PS Does not work with winprinters...

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> You need to buy CIFS package for AIX to print to windows printers.
One could perhaps survive with smbprint from samba... from or similar source (which would be ... bot buying:-). Still might need do some scripting on the AIX queue side, or simply print to a file on the AIX, the smbprint that to your local printer.

But easiest all around is probably the "windows pservices for unix" thing (only servce they ever put in that group was ever LPD:-), just as gheist says.

-- Glenn
smbprint does not integrate with smit, lpd does ...
True, but with a bit of scripting you could probably concoct a queue that the qmgr could live with;)

-- Glenn
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