windows xp pro can not access internet from lan


We are running a lan behind a PIX firewall. 10 servers (win2k server), 10 workstations (win 2k).
All systems run inside our domain.

I have tried to connect some new machines (windows XP pro) and after doing so they can see everything behind our firewall but have zero outside access. I am able to ping gateway, internal dns server, etc...

I can not ping or reach external ip's, urls etc.

Any thoughts?

I've been through tcp/ip setup - identical to my w2k machines. IE6 seems to be set correctly. No software based firewalls.
(I was wondering if there was some hidden proxy that I was missing - dont think so).

route print
Interface List
0x1 ........................... MS TCP Loopback interface
0x2 ...00 e0 98 74 f9 48 ...... Linksys Etherfast USB 10/100 Ethernet Adapter -
Packet Scheduler Miniport
Active Routes:
Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric
       20       1       20       20       20       20       1
Default Gateway:
Persistent Routes:

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Greetings netrep,

Have you tried connecting another machine (known to work properly) on the same subnet to see if it can connect to outside IPs?  If another machine cannot connect, you'll need to have a look at your firewall rules.  Is access perhaps limited by IP address?  The local route setup looks fine to me... When you try and ping an outside IP, does it say "Destination net unreachable"? or just no reply?  Have you also disabled the XP built-in firewall?  It's enabled by default in SP2.  Good luck!

Work with IP's not hostnames to rule out DNS as a problem (if it works with IP's but not hostnames then it's obviously a DNS problem).  You sound fairly clued so I'm going to rule out the possibility of the 2K machines going through a proxy and the firewall only allowing traffic from the proxy.  Are you able to configure the firewall & check that it is not set to only allow traffic from a specific IP range?

Try to ping from one of the Windows 2K machines that are working.  If you get no replies but are able to browse the web from these machines the your firewall is probably dropping ICMP (which is important to know as it can throw you off in your troubleshooting).

Nothing wrong with your routing table.  Your XP firewall wouldn't be stopping you pinging external IP's if it allows internal's.

I'm not familiar with your firewall but the WatchGuard crap we tend to use is licensed for a certain number of users only. Hence if you go over the 10 users it doesn't allow the traffic from the additional computers out.  Which would replicate your symptoms exactly.


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Without wanting to offend in any way, but knowing how frustrating XP can be, have you tried running the new connection wizard?  I have had many occasions where XP boxes have refused to talk to the outside world until after I've run the connection wizard and told it to use the LAN to connect.

Open IE
Select Tools
Select Internet Options
Connections Tab
Setup button (top right)
Connect to Internet
Connect using...always on

My apologies if you've already tried this.
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