SMTP Error 501 Syntax Error

Does the following error pertain to a specific part of an email message, like the from or reply to address, or the message content, or can it be triggered from anywhere within the message you are sending?
501 Syntax error: Line too long line by itself
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Greetings wyogirl77,

According to the SMTP, the following can cause a 500 or 501 error message (line/path too long)

            text line

               The maximum total length of a text line including the
               <CRLF> is 1000 characters (but not counting the leading
               dot duplicated for transparency).

            recipients buffer

               The maximum total number of recipients that must be
               buffered is 100 recipients.

wyogirl77Author Commented:
Thank you for the information, does that mean that line that is causing the problem can occur anywhere in the entire message, also this email is only being sent to one recipient at a time so don't think the problem is with the more than 100 recipients.
Thank you
Yes, I would think that any line could cause this problem.

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Hi there
501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments
Indicates possible poor (noisy dialup) or an intermittent drop in network line connection that caused your mail client to send erroneous command to the mail server.

visit the site
 I think it will really help u.

wyogirl77Author Commented:
Yohan thanks for the info it was part of my plain text part of the message.
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