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Running dual 1GHZ Intel Xenons with 2GB of RAM, what is an acceptable pages/sec for this setup?

currently running about 13 pages/sec avg. with a peak of 602.

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have a look at this

hope that it helps
The following information is from the Performance Monitor counter definition information for the Memory Pages/sec counter:

Pages/sec is the number of pages read from the disk or written to the disk to resolve memory references to pages that were not in memory at the time of the reference. This is the sum of Pages Input/sec and Pages Output/sec. This counter includes paging traffic on behalf of the system Cache to access file data for applications. This is the primary counter to observe if you are concerned about excessive memory pressure (that is, thrashing), and the excessive paging that may result. This counter, however, also accounts for such activity as the sequential reading of memory mapped files, whether cached or not. The typical indication of this is when you see high number of Memory: Pages/sec, a "normal" (average, relative to the system being monitored) or high number of Memory: Available Bytes, and a normal or small amount of Paging File: % Usage. In the case of a non-cached memory mapped file, you also see normal or low cache (cache fault) activity

13 pages a second would not seem exceptionally high to me.
The reason for the high peak explained here
"This counter, however, also accounts for such activity as the sequential reading of memory mapped files, whether cached or not."

Hope this helps

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ohmErnieAuthor Commented:
bigc666, your link didn't have anything to do with my question.

eleventy5: I was looking for a raw number not a definition, but I will give you the points.  20 pages a sec is the threshold that MS recommends, but numbers well above this may not necessarily mean you have a memory problem.  Some applications/processes alot a portion of disk for swapping which can make the pages/sec fairly high, but not affecting memory in an adverse way.
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