How can I Postback a page inside a iframe from the container page?


How can I invoke the postback of a page inside a iframe from its container page?

I've got a iframe inside a .aspx page (main), the iframe loads another .aspx page, the user can do several things in this iframe page like capture data. Now, I want, from a button on the main page, to make the iframe aspx postback.

How can I do that.
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<a href="javascript:document.getElementById('myIFrame').contentWindow.execScript('__doPostBack('ActionPostback','');');">postback my little iframe</a>
<iframe id="myIFrame" src="mypage.aspx">

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make sure your page mypage registers it's postback script:
do this by putting


in the override protected void OnInit(EventArgs e) (this is generated by VS.NET for aspx pages in the "Web Form Designer generated code" region)
Check out the following article:

Title: DotNetJunkies :: On-the-Fly Non-Postback .NET Server Validation

HTH, Nauman.
mak730Author Commented:
weareu, your code works simply right!

Thanks a lot

A couple of questions more:
1)contentWindow.execScript() works on Netscape, Opera and Firefox also, or just IE?
2)How, on serverside, do I receive the value of the param: 'ActionPostback' of the __doPostBack('ActionPostback', '')?

Points are yours
Yes contentWindow.execScript works on mozilla (dunno about opera or firefox)

You cannot receive the value in normal ASPX page without alot of hard work... if you need to postback additional values, create a hidden input (that runs server side) runat="server" and before you do the postback script set the value of this hidden input to also postback... remember that the hidden input has to be inside the iframe page for you to retrieve it server-side there. Also remember since it is in the iframe page you need to access it in the same kind of way to set the value so before __doPostBack(... do

document.getElementById('myIFrame').contentWindow.execScript('document.getElementById(\'hiddenPBvalue\').value = \'postback something\';');

and then document.getElementById('myIFrame').contentWindow.execScript('__doPostBack('ActionPostback','');');

when your page posts back the serverside hidden input will contain the value 'postback something'...
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