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Custom Deserialization

I have four strings which I'm getting from...

1) The name of a control, say, "LabelA"
2) The name of several properties belonging to the control, say, "Text-Align" and "Text"
3) The value of each property...
4) The type of control...say "Label"

Using only the above, how can I quickly reference LabelA in order to assign it its properties? Somehow System.Reflection has to be used...but how?

1 Solution
rdavis101Author Commented:
Geez...I made a mistake in the question. Should just say "I have four strings..."  Forget about where they come from.
Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
If this is a WinForms app then you can iterate the controls collection until you find a control with a matching name:

    Private Sub Foo()
        Dim c As Control
        Dim cName As String = "LabelA"
        Dim lbl as Label
        c = getControlByName(cName)
        If Not (c Is Nothing) Then
                 lbl = CType(c, Label)
                 ' do something with lbl
                 lbl.Text = "something"
        End If
     End Sub

    Private Function getControlByName(ByVal controlName As String) As Control
        Dim i As Integer
        Dim ctl As Control

        controlName = controlName.ToLower
        For Each ctl In Me.Controls
            If ctl.Name.ToLower.Equals(controlName) Then
                Return ctl
            End If
        Next ctl
    End Function

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