Database Locking up

We just upgraded our network from peer-to-peer to server-client network.  There are 5 workstations all running Win XP Pro.  The server is running Small Business Server 2003.  Everything seems to be working fine except for a database.  When a user tries to access the database, it runs smoothly, but its when another user tries to access the database simultaneously, we run into problems.  It seems like the database locks up when there are more than one user.  I called Tech support for the software and they told me to include a registry key:


This registry key involves indexes and he said it might be the cause of the problem.  I don't want to play with registry settings just yet.  He also told me that it might be a security setting on Server 2003.  Can someone please help?  
The server runs into a switch 10/100mbps which goes to each workstation connected at 100mbps.  
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Which database are we talking about here?
Oracle, Access,SQLServer....... please clarify?

modrivenAuthor Commented:
It could well be just down to the way your application is written. Was it an Access app that has been upsized or something like that?
Just a couple of things to try.

Check the database properties to confirm single user access is not set:
- Start enterprise manager and navigate to the problem database
- right click on database and select properries,
- a new window will appear - goto the Options table and check the Access section.

Check the logs within SQLServer for the time when the problem is occurring.
- Start enterprise manager
- navigate to Management/SQL Server Logs/
and check the log that covers the timeframe in question. If possible, examing the seqeunce of events from the time the SQLServer service starts till the lockup is generated. The info you get from here may help target further investigations.

Check the settings at the clients end. You've just moved from peer-to-peer to Client/server. Presumably the db has moved. Have all client installations been modified to use the new server?  Is the security model used consistant for each client (ie is there a mix of Windows vs SQL Server authentication) - this may point to an issue with your network security model.

Scott Pettman


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