Problems Running VB 6.0 (SP6) on XP & XP SP2

I have an app written using VB 6.0 SP6.  My development machine is running Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2.  I generate the .EXE and pass it on to the installers.  They are reporting problems on machines that are running Windows XP without Service Pack 2.  Apparently at a certain point beyond the initial login and menu the app cancels.  The installers have reported 'phantom' problems in the past so I am sceptical.  They are supposed to send me the exact error messages but even before I get that I'm wondering if this should be a problem?  I don't know if this matters but In the refences section of my project I have:

Visual Basic for Applications
Visual Basic Runtime objects and Procedures
Visual Basic objects and procedures
OLE Automation
Microsoft Scripting Runtime
Microsoft Script Control 1.0
Microsoft Data Formatting Object Library 6.0 (SP6)
Microsoft Data Report Designer 6.0 (SP4)
Microsoft Data Environment Instance 1.0 (SP4)
Microsoft Active X Data Objects 2.5 Library

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sp2 has a firewall built-in - i would make sure your app isnt blocked
mlcktmguyAuthor Commented:
The app is fine on SP2.  It allegedly has problems on XP machines without SP2.  Even on a non-Sp2 machine the app can be executed but crashes at certain points once it has been started.
im sorry i miss read your question

what did you use to build the installation package?
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Who are the "Installers"? Did you create an installation package, or just gave the "installers" the exe file? If you did create an installation package, what did yoy use to create it? Was it the P&D or another tool? What error do they get while they install (or run) the app.?

mlcktmguyAuthor Commented:
The installers are the people that take my EXE and create a distribution package.  I don't know what package they are using to create theinstall.  I will get that information and report back.

Thanks for your interest
Most likely your installers didn't include all the updated files to run the program... most importantly the MDAC needs to be the same, or newer, version on the client machine.

You can verify what version of the MDAC is installed on your test machine by viewing the Administrative Tools -> ODBC Connections -> About tab in that machine.

I have seen this issue pop up quite often, and it's just "build and test" until it works completely...PS Images are a nice way to avoid re-installing the machine.

Good luck.
mlcktmguyAuthor Commented:
I have more information.  The 'installers' are using Install Shield X Express.

The error they get wehn running the app is: Error Number 339. "tabctl32.ocx or one of its dependancies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid"

I do have tabs on the form.

I am running VB 6.0 SP6.

Any ideas?
then the tabctl32.ocx needs to be destributed with your exe - along with any other files that give a similar error
Well, did they include the TABCTL32.OCX in the package?
Did they send it to WinSysPath?
Do they have the same version you worked with?

As Shauli says above, plus it does need to be registered correctly.

If it's not registered, then it won't work... need to be able to register files with a profile which has permissions on that machine.


It is most likely that they did not include the control in their installation package; however, here is another problem that people run into with InstallShield Express.

One thing that it might be is that they did not include the dialog that asks if you want to install this for a single user or for everyone on the machine.  If you run your installation and it does not show that dialog then it is likely that it is defaulting to single user installation.  Then if someone installs it as Admin on a multiple user system those controls will only be registered for the Admin user and not for any other users.  That would mean that any other users of the system will get Error Number 339 for those controls.


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