Trusts between DCs

Ok, I have two domains at my house.   and  
They are totally separate and independent(in 2 different forests) with their own users, own DNS servers etc...

Is there anyway to integrate them ? I'm assuming I can. Say two companies merged, what is standard practice in this siutation? Do they just enable transitive trust in between their domain controllers? Or is there a way to "integrate" them so they fall under one forest.  I guess I'm asking what is best practice in situations like this?

 I'm assuming you do this through the Active Directory Domains and Trusts snap in?
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thanks but i was looking for more than just a link
In order to make the Trusts work, you must create two two-way, external Trusts between the Forest Root DCs.  Yes, this is done via AD Domains and Trusts.  Once established and working, you must grant access permissions to security principals from the other Forest  before they can access resources.

For all-out merging, you have two choices, use ADMT 2.0 to migrate one forest's objects to the other or upgrade both Forests to Windows Server 2003  native mode then merge them.

Here is a link to the Migration Tool:

Since upgrading is expensive I'll save that stuff for later.


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dissolvedAuthor Commented:
Valicon: Thanks for the link. Kind of lengthy and not exactly what I was looking for, but a knowledgebase nonetheless

Netman66: Thanks for the info. All I needed to know.

Thanks guys
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