Send a msg to neighbor over his wireless ntwk?

My neighbor does not secure his wireless ntwk and when my wi fi picks it up I get dropped from my network.  Wierd thing is my network is unavailable anytime his is seen!?!?
Is there a way to 'net send' him a message while on his network?  I'd like to tell him that others (inc me :)) are leeching from him and offer some help.

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what OS is he running? If NT/w2k/XP and he hasn't shut off the messenger service you can try net send
net send * <message text here>
Of course there is always going over there and tell him in person (sneaker net LOL)

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to learn more about net send go to a prompt and type
net send /?
BrandonVAuthor Commented:
what does the asterik signify in your comment:
'net send * <message text here>'

I use netsend at work but must specify which user or computer name to send it to.  Is it the same for this?  

Aslo, I dont know who it is and I dont want to randomly start knocking on doors.... "excuse me, but are you the person I'm leeching bandwith from?"
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the asterik will send it to everyone (no specific user targeted) even yourself
BrandonVAuthor Commented:
sweet!  I'll give it a shot when I get home and let you know......

Thank you!
Another solution might be to connect to his network or check on which channel it is operating.

Than make sure you set your own WiFi router on a different channel. Make sure your clients have set your network as preferred network and you should have no trouble with your neighbour anymore.

I have over 5 different networks around here and have had to hop several times already :(

Another solution, if all else fails, is buy an add-on antenna. You can get them for as little as 20USD which adds several DB on the transmitted power (naturally the really big ones are more fun). This way you make sure you reduce his power to virtually non-existent.

hey try this command to c whats his computer name

net view

this will show u all the PC's connected to your PC
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