Cisco router to PIX IPSEC VPN access-lists

Quick question.  I have a network with PIX firewalls in the field and a central office running a beefed-up Cisco router as the central endpoint.  This was done to allow for VPN failover in the future.  Everything is working wonderfully, but I am stuck with the access-lists.  We have 3 static hosts sitting behind the central router taht need to be accessible to the internet for web, ftp, etc.  If I put in the access-lists to allow this, what do I need to put in to keep allowing the IPSEC traffic?  I was going to put jut a standard access-list on the s0 interface of the router, but think that I need an "access-list 101 permit ipsec any (inside-host)" type statement.  
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Hi coastalinteractive2,
access-list 101 permit udp any any eq 500
access-list 101 permit esp any any

udp 500 is used for authentication and esp (ip protocol 50) is used to carry the encrypted traffic.
coastalinteractive2Author Commented:
Is this true even if the router itself is the VPN endpoint?  I thought that statement allowed the router to pass the traffic through to an endpoint behind it?
It would depend where the access-list were applied. If an access-list is applied to the inbound direction on the internet connecting interface then these two entries would need to be added.

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