Error starting program- Powertab

     I am having trouble running a program called Powertab. Powertab worked until I uninstalled some other programs. I now get the following error message:

Error Starting Program

The MSVCIRT.DLL file is linked to missing export MSVCRT.DLL??_U@YAPAXl@Z

Can someone please help me solve this problem?

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Hello LearningJava =)

Error message: Msvcirt.dll file is linked to missing export msvcrt.dll;en-us;296551
try reinstalling Powertab
LearningJavaAuthor Commented:
I tried reinstalling powertab but the installation did not solve the problem.
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have you tried the suggestions from KSKB article yet ??

You can also try

A registry repair:

Bootup with a startup floppy disk and at the A:\> prompt type

C: (press enter)

Now type:

cd windows\command (press enter)

Your prompt should read C:\Windows\Command, correct?

Now type:

scanreg /fix (space between g and /)

Press enter, wait for the process to finish and reboot WITHOUT the disk.

If that doesn't work, try a registry restore:

Bootup with a startup floppy disk and at the A:\> prompt and repeat the steps above and replace the scanreg command with:

scanreg /restore (space between g and /)

Press enter, select a date PRIOR to the problem, press enter, wait for the process to finish and reboot WITHOUT the disk.

If you don’t have a startup disk, download one from

Any luck?

- MSVCIRT.DLL file is linked to missing export MSVCRT.DLL:??_U@YAPAXI@Z
Msvcrt.dll and Msvcirt.dll are shared files that are frequently updated or overwritten with older versions by software installations. This can result in mismatched .dll versions, which results in error messages. To solve this problem, restore a copy of the Msvcrt.dll file from your Windows Me installation files by using the System Configuration Utility.

To restore the Msvcrt.dll file

      1. Click Start, and then click Run. The Run dialog appears.
      2. Type msconfig in the Open box, and then press Enter. The System Configuration Utility appears.
      3. Click Extract file. The Extract dialog appears.
      4. Type msvcrt.dll and then click Start. The Extract File dialog appears.
      5. In the Restore from box, type the location of your Windows Millennium installation files. The default location is C:\Windows\Options\Install, though in some cases they will be located in the C:\Windows\Options\Cabs folder.
      6. Type c:\windows\system in the Save file in box, and then click OK. The Backup File dialog appears.

      NOTE: If you installed Windows to a different location, then substitute the appropriate path.

      7. Click OK to accept the default backup folder. You will be returned to the System Configuration Utility.
      8. Click OK. You will be prompted to restart the computer.

You should no longer see the error messages

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ops sry, forgot source:

it applied to a diff program having the same exact problem, which resides within the MSVCRT.DLL file itself. This fix should work for you.
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