T1 speed

What is the upload speed of a T1 line?
Tom KnowltonWeb developerAsked:
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In general

Upload Speed: 2-10Mbps
Download Speed: 2-10Mbps

Source http://www.ftpplanet.com/ftpresources/int_con.htm
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Sorry sunray - I spent years on a network with a T1, then Fractional T3, then T3 - that site is just plain wrong.  T1 is 1.544 Mbits up AND down.  TOTAL BANDWIDTH is 1.544 Mbits.  Meaning if you upload and download at the same time, you'll get 772Kb each way.  T3 is roughly 35x that fast - 45 Mbits.  

a T1 is 24 channels of 64Kb - or 24 Phone lines - or 24 low speed ISDN lines.

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I am sure you are right. Ah., I should have known that T1 line is 1.5Mbits especially since i am working on T1's right now..


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Tom KnowltonWeb developerAuthor Commented:
Thank you both.
That was the fastest CS response ever got
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Indeed - I'm shocked   ;-)

And knowlton - one little mistake by sunray - he's usually really good.  don't hold it against him!

I think that was a dumb mistake.. Should have concentrated more.. I have always learnt to do multi-tasking but i guess I do it right all the time.

thanks to both
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