Automatic "script" for drive mapping/disconnect/break connection

Now that I have the VPN connection running... I need to automate the steps the user has to do to get connected to the other end.

Now, there are 4 different ICONs plus a manual disconnect.

1.  The user "clicks" on "Connect To Office" ICON to make VPN connection
2.  When the connection is made, the user "clicks" on "Map Office Drive(.bat)" to do

net use I: \\\Drive_C

3. When completed user can "click" on shortcut to "I:\documents and settings\Username\my documents" and work on document files

4. When user is finished "clicks" on "Disconnect Office Drive(.bat)" to do

net use I: /d

5. Then user "right clicks" on "Connect To Office" in the Systray and selects "Disconnect"

Is there a way to simplify this into

  "Connect to Office"
  "Disconnect from Office"



Both systems XP
One side cable modem
Other side SBC DSL
2 WGT624 Wireless Routers

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Hi sijgs,
You could join the computer to the domain and get the users to log in directly to the domain across the VPN connection. I am assuming you are using the normal windows vpn client.

It sounds as if though you want someone to write a script for you to perform the tasks so you just have the single icon to connect and map the drives etc... You would be better off posting a question in one of the windows sections.

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sijgsAuthor Commented:

Well, there is no domain, they are workgroup peers.

I think this entry from Microsoft Networking is all I need in the two .bat files

        rasdial entryname [username [password|*]] [/DOMAIN:domain]
                [/PHONE:phonenumber] [/CALLBACK:callbacknumber]
                [/PHONEBOOK:phonebookfile] [/PREFIXSUFFIX]

        rasdial [entryname] /DISCONNECT


So I can

rasdial "VPN NAME"
check error code
net use d: \\server\share

in on .bat file


net use D: /d
rasdial "VPN NAME" /disconnect

in the second.

Thanks for suggesting another area, I did it with "search" not limited to this area.

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