Windows 2000 Stop Error 0x000000C5

I have Windows 2000 Pro. I'm receiving a stop error 0x000000C5 ( A device driver has corrupted the executive memory pool.) I'm not able to boot in safe mode and I don't have the Windows 2000 CD. What options do I have for correcting this problem. I was able to boot in safe earlier. I tried to run the driver verifier, but it wouldn't re-boot so that I could see which driver was corrupting to system. I was thinking about upgrading to Windows XP, but I don't have any way of backing up the files. Please give me some recommendtions!!!
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This is a hardware problem as you cannot boot to safe mode. It maybe the faulty ram or faulty power supply unit. If you have two memory stick. Take out a memory stick and reboot W2K. If it still fails with same problem, swap it with another memory stick.

If it still fails, go to and create a boot disk for W2K. Check BIOS boot sequence to boot from floopy. If you can boot from floopy disk, check c:\windows and verify any windows modules are changed recently. Maybe they are changed by a new device driver or virus.


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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
cpc2004 = c:\windows
Try  = c:\winnt

   cpc2004 has some good information here for the problem.

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