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I am having some problems with Internet Explorer. I don't know why my Internet Explorer does not opens any webpage, if I want to open a webpage I need to open a folder and in ther type the URL. This problem does not happens with other users. What should I do to solve this problem?

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go to this page and download firefox...   and install..
found it very reliable, and works for pretty much everything ive come accross so far...
should fix all your browsing problems
Try to repair your Internet Explorer. Try also to scan you computer for virus and trojan. Virus or a trojan might have damaged your IExplorer.
The easiest thing to do in this case would be to delete your user profile from that system and create one again. control panel- user accounts- remove/add.

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Can you give some more details?  Does the problem only happen with local pages or external ones as well?  What error do you get?  Does your email work?  What OS are you using?

More details may give more insight!

As has already been posted you could simply use another browser like firefox or netscape.  If you enjoy using IE and have a lot of desktop information that you would prefer to keep deleting the profile may not the best opiton for you.  

Have you run or are you running any ad-ware/spy-ware removal utilities?  If so I have known a few to corrupt the IE winsock rendering IE useless.  Here is one of the utilities that I have found to repair IE.

Hope this helps.

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