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I am usin windows 2000 professional Os. I am not able to opwn microsoft website.

I am using win2000 Os system. I have touchtel modem connection. I am not able to open microsoft website from that system, but all other sites like MSN, Rediff are open normally. In another system microsft site works fine.
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Hello Gemini,

What happens when you open up a command prompt and ping microsoft.com ? Does it resolve the Name to IP address ? (Dont expect a reply back, because pings are blocked on their site) It should resolve to a numeric ip address called Can you try typing in and see if that would let you go to the MS website. If it does infact take you to the Microsoft Website, then the problem is with name resolution. The simplest fix would be to edit your host file to make it resolve.

How to Edit the HOSTS file:
- Click Start -> Run and type "Notepad.exe C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\etc\Hosts" (without the quotes) and hit enter
- This will bring up your hosts file
- Edit this host file and add the following entry: microsoft.com www.microsoft.com
- Click File -> Save and exit the notepad
- Open up IE again and see if you can get to http://www.microsoft.com

Thanks and Good Luck!
Wayne BarronCommented:
Are you referring to: update.microsoft.com ?
If you are unable to go their on this computer. Then run your Virus Scanner.
About a year or so ago, their was a Virus out that when the system was infected with it.
Could not go to the Update.Microsoft.Com site.

So check this first.

Also, download: Adaware

Run it, first do the "Live Update" on it.
run it, and see what it finds on your system as well.
Delete/Quarintine all the objects found

I am assuming here that the problem was related to DNS, the only other thing that I can think of, is for some reason an administrator or a proxy was blocking access to the Microsoft site (this would have been highly unusual to block all MS sites).

I believe if the Asker would have followed my instructions, they would have definitely have had a resolution, or it would have assisted in the resolution.


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