I have a C++ application which I need altered to simply change the colors of controls

Hi Experts, I have no C++ backround.  I write in VB and ASP.  I currently have a project which is very urgent and requires immediate attention.

I curently have an application which has several display controls.  I need to be able to edit the color of these in my ini file.



Then when my app starts up it will extract this data  and implent it to my GUI.  I am sure this is relatvely easy (when you know how!!) as the current app uses other info from the ini file.  I want to use this as a learning experience for myself, I seek help due to the urgency of this project.

I will be happy to mail the code over to anyone wishing to help.  I will also give extra points
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To read data from ini file use GetPrivateProfileString function. For example, to read BackGroundColor value from settings.txt file use this code:

TCHAR s[256];
GetPrivateProfileString(_T("Display", _T("BackgroundColor"), _T("Black"), s, 256, _T("settings.txt"));

The answer how to apply these colors in application depends on application type (using MFC or not, managed or unmanaged) and controls which are used in it.
I suppose your project is Managed C++
So here's an example on how to accomplish something like this:

Add this methods to your form:
                   System::Void SaveColor(LPSTR szElement, Color oColor)
                         LPCSTR szColorName = new char[250];
                         szColorName =(char*) Runtime::InteropServices::Marshal::StringToHGlobalAnsi(oColor.ToString()).ToPointer();
                   System::Drawing::Color GetColor(LPSTR szElement)
                         LPSTR szResult = new char[251];
                         GetPrivateProfileString("Display",szElement,"Color [Gray]",szResult,250,"c:\\color.ini");
                         String* sColorName = new String(szResult);
                         Color oRetVal = Color::FromName(sColorName);
                         return oRetVal;

Just replace "c:\\color.ini" with your INI file name
After that you can use them like this:

this->BackColor = this->GetColor("BackgroundColor"); //set form background color
SaveColor("LblColor",label1->get_BackColor()); //save label background color

Hope this 'll help

RickyHannaAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you both, I can see what your code is trying to accomplish here. My problem is that this is the first time I have even opened C++ and don't know where to put the code or how to see the controls in desogn time that I need to change.

I was hoping I could mail the project to you and learn from what you are doing, to be quite honest I'm a bit lost.

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Well - to be honest - even if you mail me your project I won't have time to look at it or write some code.So I can only recommend you to do some reading and get yourself familiar with C++ (and the IDE).
You can start here:

RickyHannaAuthor Commented:
I need someone to look at my code and edit it.  In vb it's simple to see controls and change properties.  I can't even see the form in design view yet??

I am lost and need guidance

RickyHannaAuthor Commented:
Look at that alternative to the VC6 solution. I used two structs now to associate colors to RGB values, respectively to associate variable names to variable pointers. Also, i replaced char by TCHAR in case you want to change to wide strings.

Regards, Alex

// define an index of all valid colors
enum ColorIndex {
    MAX_IDX_COLOR  // size increases automatically

// connect color name to RGB value
struct ColorDef
    COLORREF rgb;    // RGB value of color or constatnt if already defined
    char*    color;  // name of color as defined in inifile

ColorDef colors[MAX_IDX_COLOR] =
    { RGB(0,0,0)       ,  _T("BLACK"),  },                
    { RGB(255,0,0)     ,  _T("RED"),    },                
    { RGB(0,255,0)     ,  _T("GREEN"),  },                
    { RGB(0,0,255)     ,  _T("BLUE"),   },                  
    { RGB(255,255,255) ,  _T("WHITE"),  },                
    { RGB(128,128,128) ,  _T("GREY"),   },                
    { RGB(255,255,0)   ,  _T("YELLOW"), },                
    { RGB(255,0,255)   ,  _T("PINK"),   },                

// define an index of all variables (color keys in inifile)
enum GUIColor {
      MAX_GUI_COLOR  // size grows automatically

// associate name to pointer of variable
struct GUIColorDef
    TCHAR*    var;     // the name of the variable as defined in inifile
    COLORREF* pVar;    // the pointer to the global variable

GUIColorDef guiColors[MAX_GUI_COLOR] =
    { _T("BackgroundColor"),           &backgroundcolor,           },
    { _T("BorderColor"),               &bordercolor,               },
    { _T("DisableColor"),              &disablecolor,              },
    { _T("StaticTextColor"),           &statictextcolor,           },
    { _T("DynamicTextColor"),          &dynamictextcolor,          },
    { _T("GraphOutlineColor"),         &graphoutlinecolor,         },
    { _T("GraphActiveElementColor"),   &graphactiveelementcolor,   },
    { _T("BarGraphColor"),             &bargraphcolor,             },
    { _T("PageHighlightColor"),        &pagehighlightcolor,        },
    { _T("AlarmColor"),                &alarmcolor,                },
const int EQUAL = 0;

void getColorsFromInifile(LPCTSTR pszInifile)
    TCHAR szBuffer[128] = _T("");;

    //  Look for color entries in inifile, e.g. BorderColor=RED
    for (int i = 0; i < MAX_GUI_COLOR; ++i)
        // section is [Display]
        int nLen = GetPrivateProfileString(_T("Display"), guiColors[i].var, _T(""), szBuffer, sizeof(szBuffer), pszInifile);
        // nLen == 0: no definition or wrong key
        if (nLen > 0)
            // loop all valid colors of array colors
            for (int n = 0; n < MAX_IDX_COLOR; ++n)
                // compare with entry of inifile
                if (_tcsicmp(colors[n].color, szBuffer) == EQUAL)
                    // set variable using the coresponding RGB value
                    *(guiColors[i].pVar) = colors[n].rgb;


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