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I would like to create and offline copy of my website...similar to going to IE and clicking "save as..."  I can obviously save all the of individual files off of my FTP, but that is different than actually having the pages as they appear in a browser.

I am sure there is some kind of archiving tool that will go through my site and do this for me....

Any suggestions ?

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michaelbuddyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think this open source app is what you are looking for:

it does just what you are thinking.  Also if you are looking for an File transfer program that will mirror your site for you detecting changes, check this out.
Well, one very simple way is to use IE and go Favorites --> And at the very top is a checkbox saying "Make available offline?" - tick this which will allow you to 'customise' what is saved and how deep into links you want to go.. Select the folder where you would like it to be saved within all your favourites/favorites and click OK.
This is a free demo of a program that will do that:
That is a free extension for Mozilla Firefox that spiders a page, downloading it to your hard drive, along with all the links and images.

AndySingerAuthor Commented:
ok i will check these out....
I pasted the wrong link the 2nd time.  for mirroring your site to auto upload, use this program:

hope this helps.
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